WELLS FARGO & COMPANY – CFPB Complaint ID 3054458

Date Received: 2018-10-23T00:00:00

Product: Credit card debt

Issue: Attempts to collect debt not owed

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: I have previously filed against Wells Fargo over this same thing. They have again claimed that I gave my ex permission to charge things to my account after not only removing him, but calling the police on him for stealing from me. I want a detailed explanation of how they are arriving at this ( or honestly if they are just making this up because I did not give him permission at all ). Furthermore, they admit to issuing multiple cards for the account. One I knew about ( I have or had it, and that’s fine ). Another was given to him without me knowing about it, and that’s the issue here. It either shouldn’t have been given to him or deactivated the moment I called in and told them to revoke everything ( yes, including any loose cards they gave him, but they failed to ). They had already failed to stop him from withdrawing money from my account and changing contact information to prevent me from discovering his fraud / filing against his fraud until relatively late. They are even preventing me from getting statements from 2 accounts that he opened in my name even though that’s against Social Security ‘s rules ( federal rules ). However, the statements are less of a problem than them ignoring that he did not have permission to mess with my accounts at the time in question and there’s multiple court orders here about how they aren’t supposed to be charging me for his debts. So let ‘s start with a real, detailed explanation from them of how they arriving at this conclusion so that I can figure out what they are misunderstanding or if they are just lying because they feel that they can more easily squeeze money out of me than out of the actual person who is responsible. If that doesn’t clear it up, then it will be about 2 months ( I believe ) before I can serve. Thanks.

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State/Zip: TX 770XX

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Company Response to Complaint: Closed with monetary relief

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 3054458

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