Amsher Collection Services, Inc. – CFPB Complaint ID 3042950

Date Received: 2018-10-11T00:00:00

Product: Other debt

Issue: Attempts to collect debt not owed

Consumer Consent Provided to Share Complaint: Consent provided

Consumer Complaint: Had two conversations via chat with XXXX/XXXX in late XXXX ( XXXX=XXXX ). Was recorded by them as per there website. I was told that I could put my account on vacation hold because I was leaving the usa and that the person I was chatting with told me she/he would do so. I had a credit balance of approx. {$79.00}. Before I left for overseas ( XX/XX/XXXX ) I checked to make sure my account was on hold and sure enough it was not. I have put a vacation hold on my account every year since being with them in the past and because of my experiences I thought I should double check. I contacted them again via chat and this time was assured that positively they would put my account on hold. After being gone for a few months I started receiving the threatening letters about turning me over to collection agencys, reporting me to the credit bureaus, collecting attorney fee ‘s, and agency fee ‘s. And some of these bills from them were ADDRESSED TO THE OFFICE OF THE PARK I LIVE IN CAUSING HUGE EMBARRASSMENT AND STRESS WITHIN MY PEERS!!! And I know they purposely did this because when we were in good standing they had no problem sending my monthly bills to my bill pay company, not to the office where I live! I also received a threatening letter telling me that I must return there equipment within a short time period or I would be charged this and that for everything possible. So consequently I contacted the person who looks after my place of residence while im gone and asked him to unhook their equipment and return it cause me more embarrassment! And then after several attempts to collect this bogus debt they did turn me over to not one, but two of their collection agency ‘s! Then they both started billing me ( even different amounts ) and have been relentless doing so since. I did respond to one of the collection agency ‘s and advised them of the situation via there response form, ( XX/XX/XXXX ). I told them about the chats, and that XXXX/XXXX actually owed me {$79.00} and if they wanted to know the truth they could look at the chats. And now looking closer I see that I paid them an additional {$100.00}. And so the debt collector advised me the following after I did replied to them ” thank you for requesting verification of the debt you owe to XXXX/XXXX. Enclosed you will find documents verifying your debt. Statements provided have all credit and charges applied to the account. This documentation satisfies requirements of the applicable law “. If we may be of further assistance, call, bla bla bla..This is the reply I got and it has shocked me enough to do my best to stop their harassment and stress because it is a flat out blatant lie! Several lies in fact. # 1. I did not request verification of a debt I owed them. I told them they owed me and they clearly did not try and resolve the situation by looking at the chats. 2. They did not enclose all the documents that have all credit and charges applied and in fact there were new charges that are bogus. That being a {$100.00} early termination fee after I have been with them forever! The {$79.00} credit was not shown anywhere! I truly believe these debt collectors are taught that the consumers are guilty until proven innocent because I gave them the opportunity to clear the situation by supplying them the information as to why I DID NOT owe this bill! And then these people continue to lie and cause me even more stress! And im pretty aware that next I get letters from the debt collectors stating my credit will be affected right? And I already got those from XXXX/XXXX.And even more stressful is that I am about to purchase a house and my credit score will be affected by a BOGUS DEBT!!

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Company: Amsher Collection Services, Inc.

State/Zip: CA

Company Response to Complaint: Closed with explanation

Was Company Response Timely: Yes

Did Consumer Dispute Company Response: N/A

Complaint ID: 3042950

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