101 Ways to Save Money on Electronics!

how to save money on electronicsWe all use electronics and they are all expensive. What really irks me is the advice many bloggers give on spending habits. Especially spending habits on electronics. But with so many electronic brands and devices out there, it’s hard to pinpoint how to save on electronics. Well this is why you need 101 money saving hacks and tips.

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Without further ado, here are 101 ways to save money on electronics.

Saving on Cell Phones

  1. Never buy any phone when it newly releases. Wait at least a month before purchasing the new iPhone guys.
  2. If you have old cell phones, don’t sit on them! Trade or sell your old phones towards buying a new cell phone.
  3. Don’t stick to one service provider. Switching to a company like Sprint will save you money. Research the prices of other cellphone providers to save money.
  4. Use glass screen protectors on your screen in case you drop your phone.
  5. Know how much and what your cell phone insurance will cover. Many cell phone insurance plans scam customers instead of helping them.
  6. Do you really need a brand new upgrade? Moving from a Galaxy S8 to a S9 isn’t exactly frugal living. The phones aren’t much different either.
  7. Put a case on your phone!
  8. Save on data by using your WiFi whenever possible.
  9. Never buy prepaid minutes.
  10. Do not pay interest on cell phone plans.
  11. Save money on phones by shopping online from a store like Amazon. (Not eBay or Craigslist)
  12. If you are getting a new plan, make sure to get a discount or deal on something.
  13. Do not buy anything from retail phone plan stores!
  14. Practice frugal living by getting a phone plan fit for your needs. If you don’t use a lot of data, you probably don’t need unlimited data.
  15. Buying used phones or phones from untrustworthy places are not the best ideas! These phones may be locked, damaged, or have problems not seen with the naked eye.
  16. Save money on cell phones with coupons and promo codes.
  17. Save money on phones on holidays Memorial day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or other holidays.

    Save on Computers and Laptopshow to save money on laptops

  18. Consider substituting laptops and computers with a tablet and a wireless key board.
  19. Buy refurbished laptops and computers from companies that offer return polices.
  20. Look into buying a warranty.
  21. Always try to fix technical problems yourself or ask another person who has a relationship with you.
  22. If you don’t know how to fix technical issues, search on Google or YouTube.
  23. Slightly older models will work just as well and are a lot cheaper!
  24. Ask friends or family members who work at retail stores with electronic sections to use their employee discount.
  25. Always use antivirus software on laptops and computers to keep from buying new ones. There are great free antivirus software options available like AVG that are free!
  26. Search online for cheaper deals.
  27. Libraries offer free computers to use to keep you from buying a computer.
  28. If you are a student, schools have computers you can use as well.
  29. Practice frugal living by trading in or selling broken computers for parts.
  30. Use friends or family members computers whenever you need one.
  31. If you have a phone, you can download apps of essential computer programs like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and even Adobe Photoshop.
  32. Swagbucks has laptops you can win or even buy with your free swag bucks.
  33. Use rebates! A good website that shows where to find rebates on laptops is Newegg.com.

    Save on TVs

  34. Black Friday always has great deals on TVs!
  35. Consider buying a projector instead of a TV. They are cheaper and offer a bigger viewing area.
  36. Depending on the usage and how well it treated, used TVs are great buys!
  37. You don’t have to buy a smart TV! Buy a Roku or a Firestick to stream apps and TV.
  38. Save money on TVs by purchasing TVs that are being used as floor models.
  39. Google sports bars, retail stores, or businesses near you that are closing. These stores most likely have TVs they don’t know what to do with.
  40. Practice frugal living by buying open box TVs at retail stores. Electronic stores like Best Buy can not sell TVs with damaged or already opened TVs. These TVs are sold at a highly discounted price.
  41. Consider buying TVs that have been returned to retail stores.
  42. Online contents, giveaways, and promotional offers use TVs as prizes.
  43. You don’t need a TV to watch TV channels. Cable providers like Charter, Comcast, and Direct TV allow customers to stream TV channels on phones, tablets, and computers.
  44. AT&T and T-Mobile are offering free TVs with the purchase of a Galaxy S9.
  45. Some frugal savers use large computer monitors as TVs.
  46. Consider just using your phone, tablet, or computer for streaming TVs shows and movies.

    Save on Video Gameshow to save money on video games

  47. You can download free games on your video game console or computer by signing into your friends or family members account. This only works with 2 or 3 accounts maximum and the games have to purchased through the video game console (aka digital copies)
  48. Don’t buy a more expense video game console because of memory space. Use external memory drives instead.
  49. Save money on video games by selling your games after you beat them or finished playing with them.
  50. Never pre-order video games! Always wait for reviews to come out before buying them.
  51. DLC and deluxe packages are usually a ripoff. Make you really like the game and the reviews are good before purchasing them.
  52. Never buy games or steam codes through sketchy websites. You can easily be ripped off.
  53. Ask to borrow games from your friends or family.
  54. You can trade your games with your friends or family too.
  55. Buying used games are great too! If the disc is damaged or not working, just return it and ask for a refund.
  56. There are great deals on video games and game consoles on holidays. Last Black Friday, PS4’s and Xbox 1’s were $200 at a lot of stores. The consoles included a controller and a game as well!
  57. For computer gamers, watch out for the Steam summer sale.

    Save on Chargers

  58. Save money on chargers by using aftermarket chargers with good reviews. Stay away from the cheap chargers!
  59. Wrap damaged cords with electrical tape. This will prolong the chargers life.
  60. Practice gently removing chargers from devices and wall sockets.
  61. When packing for a trip, wrap up your chargers to avoid damaging your cords.
  62. Be weary about letting others use your chargers. They may damage or lose them.
  63. Make sure to have a spare charger available at all times. You don’t want to have to go and buy an expensive one if something happens to yours.
  64. Never buy chargers from Best Buy. They are always more expensive.

    Save on Camerashow to save money on cameras

  65. Buy camera lenses they are versatile for wide, short, and long distance shots.
  66. Invest in a camera case. Cameras and camera lenses are very fragile.
  67. Consider using your phone for pictures.
  68. Buy phones with high end cameras.
  69. Always research reviews and prices for cameras and camera lenses. If you are a photographer, it is crucial to know how to save money on cameras.

    Save on Headphoneshow to save money on headphones

  70. Invest in quality over quantity. Cheap headphones break easily and you are more prone you lose them. Additionally, they are uncomfortable and don’t sound nearly as well!
  71. Stay away from completely wireless earbuds like Apple Airpods. They will fall out your ears and if you don’t break them, you will lose at least one of them.
  72. Buy aftermarket headphones. These work for even the newest phones.
  73. Practice frugal living by using headphones or earbuds that were bundled in with your new phones.
  74. Wrap up headphones before putting them in your pocket.

    Different Ways to Save Money on Electronics

  75. Never buy a GPS. Use your or someone else’s phone for a GPS! If need be, buy a phone stand for your window or dashboard so it is exactly like a GPS.
  76. Purchase rechargeable batteries and a charger. Purchase rechargeable batteries one time, and you save money on batteries by never buying batteries again!
  77. Walmart almost always has clearance bins or clearance tables in the electronics section. You will find great deals on everything electronic.
  78. Dollar tree has USB charging blocks for only a dollar. Dollar tree offers the best frugal living ideas!
  79. Save money on electronic toothbrushes by not buying one! Purchasing electronic toothbrushes is generally a bad idea when trying figure out how to cut costs.
  80. After you are finished with your electronics, sell them online!
  81. Even if your electronics are broken, you can still sell them online.
  82. Save money on electricity by using fans and heaters. Don’t touch that thermostat!
  83. One frugal living tip is to save money on buying new electronics and by using external battery chargers for electronics that can not charge anymore. This requires your electronic have external battery ports.
  84. Use money saving apps like Ibotta after your purchase your electronics.
  85. Buy electronics that are priced really cheap in stores. Then, sell those electronics online and make a profit! The best places to look for cheap electronics are in clearance bins.
  86. Buy refurbished electronics! This is what frugal living is all about.
  87. Frugal living experts use store loyalty programs whenever possible.
  88.  Use coupons people!
  89. Don’t buy new models or versions of products.
  90. Best Buy offers price matching. This has saved people a ton of money.
  91. If you need a certain electronic item for a short period of time, buy it at a store and just return it later!
  92. Save money on electronics by using special store discounts. See which stores offer student discounts, senior discounts, veteran discounts, military discounts, and other discounts you may qualify for.
  93. Ask store employees if there is a way you can save money on the item you want.
  94. Go to yard sales. You will always find frugal living professionals here.
  95. Search the web for electronic stores near you that are closing or changing stores.
  96. Don’t forget Kohl’s sells some electronics too. And yes, you can use your Kohl’s cash on them too.
  97. Go to auctions to save money on electronics.
  98. If something breaks, check around if there is a warranty for your item.
  99. Libraries can even save you money on electronics! Certain libraries lend people electronic devices like calculators, audio recorders, cameras, and even laptops. Libraries also let people check out DVDs and even Video Games.
  100. Make you really need or want this electronic device. If you have buyers remorse, you should probably return the item.
  101. Check this out!! This is my very own frugal living tip. Having a nice, high quality speaker is one of the items I like to splurge on. So one time I bought a JBL speaker and a warranty for the speaker at Best Buy. The warranty was good for 2 years. The warranty covered all internal problems that may occur with the product. Every year, JBL releases at least 1 new version of their speakers.
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   So before my warranty was up for my speaker, I went to Best Buy and said there was a problem with the speaker. Best Buy customer service employees let me trade my old speaker for a brand new speaker. I got a warranty on my new speaker for somewhere around 10 dollars and went home with a newly released, brand new speaker. And I have been doing this for 7 years now! I have saved so much money on speakers over the years doing this.

   This is a money saving tip I have never seen or heard about before. This is just one of the crazy saving money hacks I learned and why I like to classify myself as a frugal living expert.

   Check with your local Best Buy for details on their warranty program because each Best Buy might be different. Email me at financegurualex@gmail.com if you have any questions.

   This is a picture of my current JBL speaker I got a year ago.

how to save money on electronics

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