New York Residents Find Debt Help With Law Firm

Debt collectors and their law firms are now buying, collecting and filing lawsuits at an ever-increasing rate. Typically, these collection agencies and their lawyers make their money by buying old, mostly charged off accounts and filing lawsuits to make tons of money off you and similarly situated victims.

The good news is that these debts must still be proved in court. And the best news of all is that there is now a new defense team which challenges every suit, demands documentation for all claims and makes sure the money collection agencies want is really owed. We work very hard to reduce your outlay to your creditors. In fact, the less you have to pay, the happier we are.

So, when you need a defense or want to simply hold off one or more creditors, buy time or try and defeat a claim for money against you by the collection agencies and their collection lawyers, regardless of whether you really owe the money or not, take advantage of our defense team in getting substantial discounts and debt reductions for credit card defense clients just like you.

Contact us now for more details about how the Lee & Associates Defense Team is galloping to the defense of credit card collection lawsuits in New York right now!

The Credit Card Defense Center of New York

A Service of The Law Offices of Jerome Lee, Esq., consumer advocates defending against the credit card companies, banks and their collection attorneys while vacating default judgments and bank account restraints, stopping wage garnishments and miscellaneous liens and enforcement efforts of all kinds. And now working to correct credit reports as part of our service.

General Inquiries: 212-591-0400 info@creditcarddefensecenter.com

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Editor Note

A quick survey of the website at creditcarddefensecenter.com said the site was attorney advertising but I could find no identification of the New York licensed attorney on the site.


A search of New York registered attorneys found:

I have contacted the person who submitted the press release for clarification.

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  1. I’d like to make one correction or, more accurately, a qualification to my previous post for clarification. After reviewing this site, as well as my own records regarding my marketing activities over the past several months, I want readers of this site to know that it is quite possible, and indeed probable, that one of my employees, newly assigned to marketing duties on my behalf, did in fact post this excerpt as a “press release”. Therefore, I must qualify my previous comment about not posting the “press release” to this extent. Jerome G. Lee, Jr.

  2. Hello,

    I am the attorney who is providing the legal services of the Credit Card Defense Center. I am an admitted and licensed New York State attorney with many years of experience in debtor defense. I have associated attorneys, dozens of active cases and a wealth of experience in all kinds of defense against all kinds of creditors, both original and debt buyers. I charge nothing to help clients represent themselves and provide no-cost legal advice to everyone who calls and needs help. My office address at 244 Fifth Avenue is indeed a mailbox center. It is used as an official address so that the creditor’s attorneys have an official address to serve legal documents. Without cost, every creditor who needs help or advice concerning debt litigation in New York State only may contact me at my office number for a consultation. Talk to me (without cost or fee) for 15 minutes and you will find that there is nothing to be “concerned” about as the previous anonymous poster indicated. It cost you nothing to see if I can answer your debt/collections questions. Finally, neither I nor any person or business authorized by me, posted the “press release” set forth above, although it does appear to be an excerpt culled from my website. It is therefore a copyrighted piece of work owned by me and with respect to which I have not given my permission to post any other place other than my own web site. For further comment, discussion or timely advice and consultation about your particular circumstances, feel free to reach me at my official office telephone at 212-591-0400. (You may have to call more than once because I do have quite a few calls coming in every day and throughout the day.) And, after an initial consultation, if a further discussion or consultation is warranted, I will provide you with my direct cell number as necessary and as warranted by your particular circumstances. Again, you are charged nothing for a consultation or phone advice or for help in representing yourself as a Pro Se litigant before the Courts of the State of New York.
    Jerome G. Lee, Jr., Esq.


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