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The One Graph That Explains Why a Good FICO Score Matters for Homebuyers


When it comes to buying a home, there’s a lot more to the process than just finding an affordable home for sale and having enough money for a down payment. Most people need loans to finance such a large purchase, but even as the housing market has rebounded from the foreclosure crisis and low property values of 2010, mortgages remain ... Read More »

    9 Essential Steps for Financial Survival


    Managing your money well doesn’t have to be a complicated process, and you don’t have to earn a degree in finance to learn how to be financially savvy. It is absolutely possible to live a comfortable, financially fit lifestyle, and it’s a worthwhile endeavor for obvious reasons. There are several essential tools that financially successful people employ, and if you ... Read More »

      Your Discover Card Now Comes With an “On/Off” Switch


      Credit card issuer Discover has added a new feature to its personal credit cards, Freeze It, which Discover said in a press release “acts like an on/off switch to stop new purchases on [card members’] accounts, from a mobile device, online or over the phone,” an industry first according to the credit card company. Read: What Is a Credit Card ... Read More »

        There’s No Such Thing As a Free House, Even When You Win the Foreclosure Battle

        get out of debt

        Some homeowners are emerging from the housing crisis with “free houses,” according to a recent article in the New York Times. According to the article, some homeowners are seeing the foreclosure cases brought against them dismissed because lenders missed key deadlines or because the statute of limitations has expired (here’s a nifty guide on states’ statutes of limitations on debt ... Read More »

          How to Save Money for Vacation From Travel Experts


          Summer travel season is right around the corner, a time of year when many Americans take a break from work and school for some much-needed R&R. For those of us planning on taking a vacation this summer, the time off doesn’t come cheap — American Express reports the average person spends about $ 1,145 on summer travel. To help vacationers who ... Read More »

            5 Money Tips for Vacationing With Friends

            get out of debt

            You love hanging out with some compatible friends or families and you both love to vacation. Why not go on a joint vacation? It can be tricky to navigate trip-planning and financing with others, but you also have the potential to enhance your experience and even save some money. Communication is obviously key to a successful joint vacation, but here ... Read More »

              Should You Keep Donating to Charity if You’re Broke?

              To get the real answers, do the math and listen to what it has to say. Math does not lie.

              As chairman of, I answer many reader questions about money. However, those questions often involve…love. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows that couples fight often about money. I’d guess that half my questions fall into this category. Here’s one I just received the other day: Question: My wife and I are finally trying to buckle down and fix out ... Read More »

                Florida Man Allegedly Memorized Credit Card Numbers to Commit Fraud

                get out of debt

                An Orlando-area homeless man is accused of using stolen credit card information to stay at a number of hotels, including Disney World resorts, reports FOX 35 Orlando. Investigators say Jeffrey Hawkins, 52, is skilled at memorizing credit card numbers and recalls that information to book his stays. He was charged for similar schemes in 2010 and 2012. The situations in ... Read More »

                  Parents: How to Start Planning for College

                  get out of debt

                  Too many parents make the mistake of waiting until the fall of their child’s senior year to start thinking about college. However, by waiting, your child could miss out on a number of opportunities that could end up costing your family thousands of dollars in missed financial aid and scholarships. Ideally, you should have started planning at the start of ... Read More »

                    10 States With Stubbornly High Foreclosure Rates

                    get out of debt

                    Foreclosure activity in the U.S. was at an eight-year low in the first quarter of 2015, despite an increase in activity in March, according to the most recent foreclosure report from real estate data company RealtyTrac. The number of residential properties with a foreclosure filing — default notice, scheduled auction or bank repossession — decreased about 8% from the first ... Read More »

                      How Your Budget Can Help You Build Credit

                      get out of debt

                      The building blocks of a healthy financial life are all tied to your budget — how much money is coming in, going out and where is it being used? Answering those questions and creating a budget that works for you can have a ripple effect on the rest of your finances. Specifically, a good budget can help you maintain of ... Read More »

                        Reducing the Cost of Attending an Out of Town Wedding

                        get out of debt

                        You knew your best friend’s son was getting married, but when the “Save the Date” card arrived, it was a reminder to make plans to attend. According to the Huffington Post (May 2013), it costs about $ 539 per guest to attend a wedding for clothes, gift, and incidentals. But you live in Springfield, Illinois and this wedding is in ... Read More »

                          Here’s What Gisele Bündchen’s Retirement Accounts Look Like


                          Gisele Bündchen has officially made her exit from the modeling world. Wednesday, Bündchen made her last strut down the catwalk during Sao Paulo’s Fashion Week, ending a 20-year runway modeling career, reports Daily News. “Today after 20 years in the industry, it is a privilege to be doing my last fashion show by choice and yet still be working in other ... Read More »

                            Why Tilt Is the Payment App That Will Replace Venmo


                            Tilt might be the next great thing to happen to mobile money apps. Described as the “easiest way to collect money from a group of friends for free” by Yahoo Finance, Tilt is poised to give both crowdfunding and peer-to-peer payment services a run for their money. The 3-year-old app, formerly known as Crowdtilt, went through an extensive rebranding process ... Read More »

                              Armed Forces Week: 6 Financial Tips From Military Experts to Service Members


                              The men and women in our armed forces deal with challenges every day, even after returning from their respective tours of duty. And while nothing can truly compare to the challenges soldiers, sailors and airmen face in combat, integrating back into civilian life — where tracking finances is key — can be tough. For Armed Forces Week and Armed Forces Day on Saturday, ... Read More »

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