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4 Types of Savings Addicts: Which One Are You?


Saving money is one of the hardest things to do on a consistent basis. An estimated 28 percent of Americans don’t have any money set aside for emergencies at all, and just under half of the American population claims to have less than three months’ worth of household expenses saved. Yet a study conducted by Professor George Loewenstein of Carnegie ... Read More »

    Can I Get a Seller to Pay My Closing Costs?


    Closing costs are one of the most confusing and misunderstood parts of the homebuying journey. About a third of prospective buyers feel “not very” or “not at all” aware of them, according to a recent survey from real estate data and technology firm ClosingCorp. That can be a problem for buyers who jump into the homebuying process without budgeting for these ... Read More »

      What Happens to a Debt Collector That Gets Shut Down


      Travell Thomas is desperately trying to save his business, or at least part of it. His debt collection firm, Four Star Resolution, was raided during the morning on Feb. 11, as a result of a lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission. Employees were told to leave immediately. A temporary restraining order now prevents Thomas — and any company employee ... Read More »

        Scott Disick, Mama June and Other Dumb People Who Got Rich


        Many hardworking, well-educated people struggle to make ends meet. Meanwhile, some of the dumbest and laziest among us open their bizarre lives to reality TV crews and celebrate all the way to the bank. Many seemingly-untalented celebrities have amassed fortunes that the average person only dreams about. Whether you love or hate them, there’s no denying that the following seven ... Read More »

          3 Tips for Filing Taxes Last-Minute


          It’s perfectly understandable to procrastinate on filing your taxes. After all, if you’ve worked at more than one company in the last year, filing could involve multiple W-2 or 1099 forms — and potentially the disagreeable task of dogging former employers for necessary information. Not to mention, filing taxes can be expensive, with the National Society of Accountants estimating that the ... Read More »

            Become Your Own Debt Manager to Chase Your Dreams


            Debt is the very common fact in most of American house hold. At first we take small loans to fulfill our daily requirements. If not managed well, a small amount of debt can lead us into great trouble. It doesn’t mean that you should avoid taking any kind of loans in your whole life span. Sometimes we don’t have a ... Read More »

              Stop Digging, This is How You Can Get Out of Debt


              I recently lost over 60 pounds using an approach that I believe will help me keep that weight off permanently. Why? Because I’ve changed many habits that have caused me to become over 60 pounds overweight. In fact I’m still using those principles and habits and expect to do so for the rest of my life. I still hear donuts ... Read More »

                Student Loan Debt Collectors Get a Black Eye

                Women fighting

                Student loans continue to dominate the news wires as our current administration seeks ways to ease the burden of student loan debt. There are hints of taking a crack at allowing bankruptcy for student loans. But until that time, which may or may not come, there still remains a major problem with the continued default rate in repayment of student ... Read More »

                  Want to Stop Getting into Debt? Quit Doing This One Thing


                  I know someone whose 20-year-old niece wanted to buy a new car. She asked her grandma to co-sign for the car loan, but grandma said, “I love you. But no, I will not co-sign. If you miss a payment, I’m responsible.” So, the niece turned to her mom who couldn’t say “No” and co-signed the car loan. Doh! Who’s Liable ... Read More »

                    Those That File Bankruptcy Do Better Than Those That Don’t

                    Woman in yoga lotus  meditation at seaside

                    This report is republished from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and contains the authors analysis and finding about bankruptcy following the 2005 reform. Personal bankruptcy was introduced in the United States through the Bankruptcy Act of 1978. After passage of the act, bankruptcy rates rose steadily until 2005, when Congress passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection ... Read More »

                      Should I Continue with My Debt Management Plan?

                      Adult Ed - Questions

                      Q. I have been in a debt management plan for a year now. The payments are over $1,400 per month and I am having difficulty making these payments. Should I try to continue with my Debt Management Plan? A. In a Debt Management Plan (DMP), you make monthly deposits with the company that arranges this plan for you. The company ... Read More »

                        Student Loan Default Rates Really Suck

                        student loan default rates

                        Today, the New York Fed released the Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit for the fourth quarter of 2014. The report is based on data from the New York Fed’s Consumer Credit Panel, a nationally representative sample drawn from anonymized Equifax credit data. Overall, aggregate balances increased by $117 billion, or 1.0 percent, boosted by increases in all credit ... Read More »

                          What to Do if Sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust for Not Paying Private Student Loans

                          Student Loans Concept

                          Question. What are my options if I have been sued by National Collegiate Student Loan Trust? Answer. Getting served with a lawsuit isn’t an enjoyable experience. If you aren’t familiar with the legal process, it can leave you confused, anxious and overwhelmed. I have spoken with a fair number of people that have been sued after they stopped paying their ... Read More »

                            What Should I Do If My Student Loan Relief Company is Not Delivering Results?

                            AFSLR Cover

                            I recently asked the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR) to submit a guest post that described what consumers should do when a student loan relief company, and even an AFSLR member, didn’t deliver as promised. Imagine my pleasant surprise when they stepped-up and accepted the challenge. A big hat tip goes out to Ward Welke and Robby Birnbaum for ... Read More »

                              Identity Theft in a Digital Age: Deter – Detect – Defend.

                              ID Theft or Stolen Identity

                              Written by Daniel Boylan, instructor of finance at Ball State University Student debt is rising. It is rising at an alarming rate. According to NerdWallet, a typical student will leave college with about $33,000 in debt. Credit card is rising. It is rising at an alarming rate. According to JumpStart, a typical student will leave college with about $5,000. Add ... Read More »

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