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The First Steps to Take Before You Start Paying Your Student Loans

get out of debt

It’s a whole new world once you leave the cocoon of college and head off into the real world to make a living. You’re no doubt overwhelmed with getting a job and finding a place to live. That’s understandable. But if you paid for your college education with student loans, it’s also incredibly important to check your credit reports and ... Read More »

    Why Working Longer to Save More Is a Bad Retirement Strategy


    If your retirement plan mostly consists of working longer to earn and save more money, you might need to rethink that strategy. The 2015 Retirement Confidence Survey from the non-profit Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI) and Greenwald and Associates revealed that many people are unprepared for retirement because they left the workforce earlier than expected and aren’t saving enough money, reports ... Read More »

      Underpaid? See the Best-Paying Cities for the 20 Hottest Jobs

      get out of debt

      This article originally appeared on Underpaid? See the Best-Paying Cities for the 20 Hottest Jobs This article by Morgan Quinn first appeared on and was distributed by the Personal Finance Syndication Network. Source Read More »

        2015 Report: See the Best-Paying Jobs by City

        get out of debt

        Looking to make a lot of money in your career? You might want to worry less about dropping tens of thousands of dollars on grad school and more about where you’ll live after graduation. Those are the results of our latest study, which reveals that geography can have as big an impact on your yearly salary as what you do. We investigated the latest local and ... Read More »

          11 Best Budgeting Apps for Retirees


          Many people might wind up with a vast and varied array of financial pieces scattered across their lives once they enter retirement. Retirement accounts, traditional savings or checking accounts, credit accounts, investments, Social Security, pensions, inheritances, real estate holdings and insurance benefits are just a few of the pieces that belong to the retirement puzzle. Because of its complexity, retirement ... Read More »

            Evictions Reach 5-Year Low

            get out of debt

            Apartment evictions in 2014 were at their lowest level in five years, according to a new report from credit reporting agency TransUnion. The agency recorded 3.4 million evictions last year, down from 3.5 million in 2013. Eviction proceedings vary by state, but generally a landlord needs legal cause for kicking someone out of a rental unit — like failing to ... Read More »

              7 Sentences Successful People Never Say


              Success is not something that can be accomplished overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, time and sheer dedication. Every successful leader, entrepreneur or idealist has had their own unique journey as they strove for what they believed in and proved to society that anyone can break free from the chains they think are holding them back. Although each of ... Read More »

                Why We Need to Stop Sneering at Millennials


                I’m the perfect age (um, let’s just say in my 50s) and profession (CPA and credit counselor) to insult Millennials. They’re idealistic. They don’t work hard. They need constant care and feeding to do their jobs. On and on. Except I don’t believe any of that. While my parents were the Greatest Generation, I believe my children will eclipse them. ... Read More »

                  Fake Waitress Allegedly Snags Diner’s Credit Card

                  get out of debt

                  Take a good look at your server the next time you’re dining out, because if someone you don’t recognize comes to take your credit card at the end of your meal, you may not want to hand it over. A man who was eating at a restaurant in Santa Fe, N.M., said a woman he thought to be a waitress ... Read More »

                    5 Ways to Save on Summer Travel

                    get out of debt

                    With the weather warming up and images of travel getaways looking even sweeter than before, you are probably looking forward to (or trying to figure out how to afford) getting some vacation time this summer. Even if your trip seems miles or months away, you can start figuring out how to save for it now. No matter what type of ... Read More »

                      The States With the Highest Bankruptcy Rates

                      get out of debt

                      Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans file for bankruptcy. Even though it damages the consumer’s credit for years and many people would do almost anything to avoid bankruptcy, it’s sometimes the best and fastest way for a debtor to recover from financial hardship. It’s not a decision to make lightly, but it’s also an option you don’t want to ... Read More »

                        Corinthian’s Failure Is the Government’s Failure, Too

                        get out of debt

                        No doubt you’ve heard the news: Corinthian Colleges has flipped the switch, leaving its 16,000 current students in the dark. The for-profit “career college,” headquartered in Santa Ana, Calif., had been the subject of student and staff complaints, investigations by numerous state attorneys general, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Securities and Exchange Commission. Most recently, it was also ... Read More »

                          The Next Big Company to Offer Free College Tuition: Fiat Chrysler

                          get out of debt

                          Thousands of employees at U.S. car dealerships will have the opportunity to get a free college degree as part of a program announced today by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Strayer University. Employees at Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram Truck and Fiat dealerships across the country will have the opportunity to get associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s degrees in disciplines including business administration, ... Read More »

                            7 Tips for Moving Back Home

                            get out of debt

                            With crippling student loan payments and a bleak (yet improving!) job market, the boomerang effect is stronger than ever. In fact, a Pew Research Center study reveals that 36% of young adults between age 18 and 31 in the United States moved back home to live with their parents in 2012. That’s the highest percentage in at least 40 years. ... Read More »

                              Secured Card vs. Prepaid Card: Which is Better If You Have Bad Credit?

                              get out of debt

                              If you have bad credit, finding a credit card can be tough. But not having one can be inconvenient, especially if you travel or shop online. That’s where cards for bad credit come in. They are easier to get than traditional cards, and may provide some of the benefits. The cards in this category fall into two camps: prepaid cards ... Read More »

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