I Copyrighted My Name So Why Can’t I Use That to Charge the School for Uniforms?

Written by Jon Emge


Dear Jon,

I’m in the UK and schooling is free. Yet when children are taken out of school for holiday etc we have been issued with a fine of £60 per day.

The school has changed its uniform and going to cost about £200 per child. Oh, we asked for help and got a £10 voucher. If a child is sent in the old uniform to school they will be sent home by the school for not wearing the correct uniform.

Why can I not bill them for not complying to teach my child? I’ve copyrighted my name and wondered if I could bill the school for sending my daughter home and use to pay for a new school uniform?




This is not the sort of question we usually address, however, I am sure many who read this in the UK can “feel your pain and frustration”.

Unfortunately, it is true, if you take your children out of school during term, even for a holiday, you can be fined; and there are those parents that have done this, that have been fined and tried to use it as an example, by challenging the school.

It is also true that the airlines and holiday resorts tend to hike fares and fees when the kids are off school, as they know that is the only time parents can take their children on a holiday with them.

So financially a “lose-lose” situation for parents.

School uniforms are there for a reason and are to be made affordable to all parents, and yes, vouchers are provided for some families.

Your idea, while original and many would agree with, is not one for us to advise on here. You may wish to speak to a legal professional or take it up with the school or your local Council.

Let us know how you get on.



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