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I’m Trying to Find a Solution to Repay My Debt in Saudi Arabia so Belikish Will Stop

Written by Jon Emge


Dear Jon,

I was working in KSA [Saudi Arabia] during 7 years (2010-2017). I use to have a loan (100.000£) with a local bank. I lost my job. And now I am not able to pay my personal loan.

One year ago 2019. I contacted the Saudi bank trying to find a solution to pay back my debt. They where nice but they didn’t want to reduce the amount. So I stopped talking to them.

Couple of days ago I got an email from a debt collector agency (Belkish) asking me to pay. Unfortunately I cannot do anything especially now with COVID19.

Is it possible that this Saudi bank or even this debt collector agency file a claim again me with Interpol?

Do you think Thant I will have any issue if I travel to any other GCC country?

Thank you so much for your help




Interpol is a criminal investigation police force, that handles crimes and criminals globally, they do not get involved in collecting debts/accounts. They only deal with crimes, owing money or a debt is not a crime in the majority of the world.

On Interpol’s web site as to what they do, they do not list the collection of debts, or accounts.

Do you know the status of the account? You may wish to speak to the original bank to inquire as to the status of the account, and if they have any options.

What country are you now residing in? This can have a bearing on what options you may have available to you.

Regarding your question about traveling to other GCC countries. I have not heard or read where traveling through any GCC countries is an issue, however, things change all the time, and they change quickly, so seeking advice regarding this from someone there may be wise. This is where you need to know the status of the account, have any charges or warrants been filed?

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If so, then as Saudi is a part of the GCC, going to any GCC countries may be an issue.

I hope this helps.



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