Which Bank Can I Consolidate My Debts With in the UAE?


Dear Steve,

I have loan and credit cards in UAE.

I am paying correctly never missed payment and paying on time

I would like to make it all in 1 loan

Because I am paying 90% of my salary to loan and credit cards which bank I can approach?




Consolidating debts/accounts, can be a good way to reduce your monthly payments, and in some instances get out of debt earlier than if you continued to pay the minimum monthly payments on some credit cards.

I cannot say which bank you should apply for the loan, most banks are competitive in their interest rates, and terms. Which bank is best for you will depend on the amount you need to borrow, what terms they can offer, and also your credit history and credit score.

Do you know your credit score?

I just have a few questions that may help me in advising you if a consolidation loan is the best option for you.

How much in total do you owe?

The accounts are in the UAE, correct?

Where do you currently live? In the UK or elsewhere?

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Do you have any plans to return to the UAE or can you stay indefinitely in the UK?

Are you in arrears with any of the accounts?

If your current monthly payments are 90% of your salary, a consolidation loan while it may reduce your monthly payments, may not reduce them to a point of what is realistically affordable. Going from 90% of your wages to 75%, maybe a reduction, but you are still spending too much of your income just for debt.

What other expenses do you have?

If you get back to me, we can look more into this and see if a consolidation loan is the best option for you, and what other options you may have.



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