Need My Car and 3 Months Behind. What Can I Do? – Rita

“Dear Steve,

My husband has been unemployeed and I work full time. We had to move out of last home due to toxic mold. I am 3 months behind in car payments and they want to take my car. It is the only way i can get to work to get groceries for my kids and money to pay some small bills. What can i do to keep my car? I can not afford the back pauyments.


I asked my friend Mike Killian to answer your question for you. I wanted to make sure you got an answer as quickly as possible as I’m a bit backed up at the moment. I’ll be watching the comments on this question and be around to help if you need me.


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Dear Rita,

Your options are a bit limited under your circumstance… but not hopeless.

First of all contact the creditor and see if there is any arrangement that can be made to insure you can keep your car. This step is essential. I am assuming you cannot get credit to refinance the car, so your second option is to contact a good debt counselor to see about working out a Debt Management Program (DMP). Before signing up for any program though, insure they can help you and check their background through someone you know or at least the local Better Business Bureau. Find out what there track record is for clients completing their program as well as costs.

But frankly, I sense your best option is talking to a bankruptcy attorney as rapidly as possible. You can usually keep your car and sometimes even work out a different payment arrangement that will be then court ordered and the creditor will have to live with what the court says. The court will recognize you need transportation and that without it, you have no visible means of support.

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Good luck to you and let us know what happens.



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  1. Rita, Oh Dear . . . .

    You’d be best off taking out a personal loan from your bank. You could pay that off very slowly. The interest rates should be mostly low. [Interest rates on a defaulted car loan would be exorbitant!] some great info at this site  http://carcredita.com  Further, the bank could help you consolidate all your repayments very efficiently and relatively cheaply. And perhaps best of all, your credit rating remains untouched. Don’t mess with car loans. They are TOXIC!! Other than that, Mike’s suggestions are the last resort.

    Hope this helps


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