What Happens to My UAE Debt When I Move to the UK?


I’m an Egyptian doctor who works in Dubai. I’m planning to move to the UK. I have a personal loan here in the UAE which I’m paying regularly. However, I’m afraid that I would not be able to pay the same amount of money monthly to the UAE bank when I move to the UK due to the big difference in both salaries.

My question is :
Rescheduling the loan debts With the UAE bank to facilitate my monthly payment according to my new salary is legal? Keeping into your consideration that the personal loan in the UAE should be paid in 48 months maximum and it will be impossible to pay my pending debts in less than 6 -7 years due to the salary difference as mentioned earlier.

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I understand your question and concerns, however, we do not provide legal advice, and your question regarding rescheduling payments on a loan and if they are legal seems a legal issue.

However, if you can get the bank in the UAE to agree to a reduced payment amount or a longer-term, that is between you and the bank. Which then may change the terms of your original loan, but if the bank agrees, all is good.

As to if the bank will agree to a change in payments or the term of the loan, I cannot say, however from experience, banks in the UAE are not as open to changes or will entertain the thought of reduced payments. But it is always worth a try.

Let us know how you get on with this.



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