EMG – Consumer Complaint – October 8, 2020

Consumer Statement:

Stated I own a business… which I do not and was owed money… so I asked I have to pay money to get the $3,000 owed to me.

Was sent an email, stated I owed $348 for a company I have never heard of.
I was sent an email stating the the $348 would be sent to a collection agency that would reflect on all credit bureaus. A threat from this EMG company!

Consumer Action Taken:

Took a call from them stating I was owed $3000, but to receive I would have to pay $348.

I spoke to one person, then received another person with the company, I figured it was a scam, I then told them I was not interested and then received an email from them with a threat. One call showed up in Pennsylvania and the next call 5 mins apart from Arizona.

I do not owe monies for any service because I do not own a business, as stated in the first call. Email received was as follows: Have never had dealings with the said company to be precise or phone calls or mailings. They also told me it was approximately 14 months ago!

Hello Delores,

Per our phone conversation your account will terminate at the end of business.

Upon account termination the past due balance of $348 will go out for formal collections which does reflect negatively with all three credit reporting bureaus and the earnings will revert to the government’s unclaimed funds.

Kind Regards,
20 E Thomas Rd Suite 2200
Phoenix, AZ. 85012

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  1. I was contacted today with the same scenario today. Never heard of the company, EMG or what type investment I made a years ago. They also stated I have commissions in the amount of 3000.00. I told them to deduct what I owe them and send me the balance. They gave me some malarkey about they couldn’t go in my account because my name is on it, go to the post office and send them a money order,. balderdash I am going to give them a piece of my mind when I am finish with the comments. Thank you soooo much for this information.


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