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EMG – Consumer Complaint – October 8, 2020

Written by Consumer

Consumer Statement:

Stated I own a business… which I do not and was owed money… so I asked I have to pay money to get the $3,000 owed to me.

Was sent an email, stated I owed $348 for a company I have never heard of.
I was sent an email stating the the $348 would be sent to a collection agency that would reflect on all credit bureaus. A threat from this EMG company!

Consumer Action Taken:

Took a call from them stating I was owed $3000, but to receive I would have to pay $348.

I spoke to one person, then received another person with the company, I figured it was a scam, I then told them I was not interested and then received an email from them with a threat. One call showed up in Pennsylvania and the next call 5 mins apart from Arizona.

I do not owe monies for any service because I do not own a business, as stated in the first call. Email received was as follows: Have never had dealings with the said company to be precise or phone calls or mailings. They also told me it was approximately 14 months ago!

Hello Delores,

Per our phone conversation your account will terminate at the end of business.

Upon account termination the past due balance of $348 will go out for formal collections which does reflect negatively with all three credit reporting bureaus and the earnings will revert to the government’s unclaimed funds.

Kind Regards,
20 E Thomas Rd Suite 2200
Phoenix, AZ. 85012

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  • Coincidentally they called me the same day 11/6. Same Peggy, same 348 owed to receive the same $3k. Same threat to report me to collections. I am in Houston, TX. I told her it was a scam and to stop contacting me. Her response was that she was in business for 16 years and in good standing with the secretary of state. I will be on the lookout for any debt collection calls.

  • I too was called by the same people. The only difference is I fell for it. I was told I had started a web page for click bank, which I actually did, but never did anything with it. As the one person stated, they are very believable and that is very disheartening to people when they scam you out of money that does not belong to them. They told me everything like the other few that have posted. What really got me is they used the exact same site, the exact same amount that we owed, and the same amount that we were “getting” from our “website. What’s really bad is when I started that website, I actually added some stores, but I don’t remember everything about it because it was so long ago.

    When I called the .gov website that they sent me to check out, they said anyone can be on that site if they do what they are told, pay their fees and not default. They now know that they are scamming people by using that site. If everyone would call the Arizona Corporation Commission and turn them in, I bet they would take their name down. I’m done playing with con artists and thieves.

    They also told me that I would get a free mentor and vacation. I asked about that and Peggy, told me that I should have received an email. Never did. The “mentor” that called me asked me all sorts of questions and when she found out I didn’t have two dimes to rub together, she sounded irritated. She did schedule an appointment, but never called nor answered any of my emails or phone calls.

    I have filed a case with the Attorney General of Arizona. Just waiting on a call or email from them. I want to know how these people sleep at night. It makes me not trust anyone, and I hope they pay for what they have done to me and to others.

  • I too received a call from EMG today 10/20/20, stating the same thing as the original complaint. I have never heard of this company before in my life. They also stated that I owed 12 months of online hosting fees for a total of $348.00. They led me to what was told was my website that I have never seen before under: I was also told that I had commissions from this site that has added up to $3,291.37. I spoke with a very nice person on the phone who said her name was Christina and she gave me their Customer Service number at 888-221-4183.

    After I spoke with Christina, I then received a phone call from a Kevin in the Accounting Dept who sent me an email and stated that I needed to pay the back online hosting fees totaling $348.00. He stated that I needed to pay them no later than Thursday 10/22/20 and I had to send in either a Money Order or a Cashiers Check and that it must come via overnight mail. I asked why didn’t I received anything from them via the Post Office. He replied, “Because we are a Green Company”. I then told him that we have a problem then because I can’t get my hands on that much money by then and I probably wouldn’t be able to pay the full sum all at once. He then stated to keep in touch with them that they are willing to work with me but I need to stay in contact with them.

    Frankly I am not one to fenagled and they sounded pretty convincing. What these people don’t know about me is that I dig until I find answers and isn’t it funny that you can’t even find this company on the Internet.

  • As an employee of the company, we contacted you because you owe us a debt for the last twelve months of hosting services we have provided on your account, we do not owe you money your website generated commissions and we have a hard hold on the account until you pay your debt and we release the hold. Steve, the website was NOT created 10 days ago as a matter of fact, her website hosting and registration RENEWED 10 days ago, check your statements before you post them insinuating them as fact, you’re probably a democrat, they’re good at doing that type of stuff.

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