My Bank in the UAE Kept Making it Impossible to Sell My Flat



I bought a flat in June 2008 in Dubai. The flat wasn’t ready and told will be hand in October 2008.

The agreement was that once I get the flat, I will start paying the mortgage.

The handover was delayed till 2011, I was working in UAE and had no option but to accept it.

The bank then made several mistakes, also never listened to my complaints. I found a buyer in November 2018, I asked for the liability letter ( I can’t sell the flat without the liability letter), I was told there is a problem with my mortgage calculation, we fix it and come back to you. They never did.

I lost my first buyer. I had a second buyer in March 2019, again the same thing, the problem with my mortgage calculation. I lost the second buyer, and never got an answer. I kept paying my mortgage.

In August 2019 kept getting threatening calls and text messages from the bank although I was paying my mortgage on time. I called the person in charge of my mortgage but they kept calling me fifteen days before the due date. They put me under great stress, my health start getting worse day by day, even had blood pressure and anxiety.

The flat price has gone down dramatically as well as the rent since I lost the second buyer. I was paying mortgage insurance but never sent me details of the mortgage insurance, I have been requesting the insurance details since 2012 but nothing has happened.

The bank never listens to my requests, I was under great pressure, mentally and financially.

I lost my job in July this year, I had no option but to leave the country (UAE), basically, I couldn’t coup with the pressure and with the threatening calls from the bank.

Now I am back in the UK. I don’t have any asset in my name but I am worried if they chase me back in the UK. I am not willing to pay them anything as they made several mistakes and made me loose two buyers. What is your advice? I really appreciate your kind cooperation.

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I am sorry to hear about your experience and also the health issues it has caused you.

In many instances being in debt or struggling to pay bills and loans, and a mortgage can bring about not just stress, but major health concerns. The fact you are away from that stress is a good thing.

If you were paying the mortgage in agreement with the loan, I wonder why the bank would call you prior to the payment being due? I agree, that is harassment.

Now that you are in the UK, have you had any recent contact from the bank in Dubai or any UK collection agencies?

The fact is if you are chased for payments in the UK from a bank in Dubai, they have no authority in the UK. If the account/loan is sold to a UK agency, they have to collect the account in accordance with the laws and rules here in the UK, and you have all the insolvency and debt options available to you as well here in the UK.

I hope this helps, and if you are contacted further by the bank in Dubai or an agency in the UK, let us know and we will help you as best we can.



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4 thoughts on “My Bank in the UAE Kept Making it Impossible to Sell My Flat”

  1. Hassan,

    If the account were sold to a UK collection agency, they would then need to collect the account in accord with the rules and laws here in the UK.

    As you stated you have no assets, so there is little a collection agency can do, in addition, you could then include the account in any debt management or insolvency options you would have.



    • Thanks Jon for your valuable advice and information. The bank has emailed me several times , I had eight points for them to replay , they don’t want to replay by email they asked for my contact number so they can have a lengthy talk about my issue. I refused to give them my contact number and told them that I prefer to have all our communications by email. By the way I don’t have any assits or saving here in the UK or outside the UK .

      I am not sure what to do if they sale the flat to a UK agency ? I am still looking for a job here in the UK and I hope this issue will not effect on my future job . Please advice me .



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