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How Do I Get My Foreclosed Home Forgiven? Carl

“Dear Steve,

My home was forclosed they did not forgive my debt how do i get it forgiven


I asked my friend Mike Killian to answer your question for you. I wanted to make sure you got an answer as quickly as possible as I’m a bit backed up at the moment. I’ll be watching the comments on this question and be around to help if you need me.


Dear Carl,

Anyone facing foreclosure has a good chance of owing the lender money after the foreclosure is complete. The laws vary from state to state so you will want to speak to a real estate or bankruptcy attorney about your rights. Some lenders will issue a 1099 income statement to borrowers deficient in paying off their present balance.

It is difficult to know your situation or your state statues but my highest recommendation is to contact a bankruptcy attorney as soon as possible as this may be your only recourse.



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