Litigation Practice Group – Consumer Complaint – April 25, 2022

Consumer Statement:

After enrolling in Litigation Practice Group for their “debt relief” assistance, the company incorrectly withdrew $480 out of my checking account on April 8, 2022.

I immediately contacted them upon noticing this error. As a single mom, in between jobs, this amount of money is very critical to me. On April 8th, a representative with LPG said that they are aware of this error and will have the money back into my account by the end of day.

Fast-forward, today is April 25th, since the 8th, I have spoke to a total of 6 representatives, 1 “Senior Underwriter” and 1 “Supervisor” all of which has told me different lies each time I speak to them.

I have been told that it would be in my account by the end of the day, many times, that my bank is holding the money, then LPG’s bank has not yet released my money back to my bank.

I have filed a complaint with the “BBB” and so has over 100 other clients.

Consumer Action Taken:

I have contacted them many times and spoke to representatives, underwriters and supervisors.

Date This Problem Happened: March 8, 2022

State You Live in: GA


Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid:

Company Name: Litigation Practice Group

Company Address:

Company Telephone Number:

Website of Company: lpglaw.com

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5 thoughts on “Litigation Practice Group – Consumer Complaint – April 25, 2022”

  1. The individual that had the wrong amount deducted from her bank account should log a fraud complaint with her bank. They will investigate her claim and refund the money to her account if everything checks out. People should stop hiring someone else to stop debt collectors, especially when all they have to do is send the debt collector a debt validation letter telling them to validate the debt. Since they can’t they have to stop any harassment and remove the item. Yes, they may sell the debt to another debt collector, so you’ll need to start the letter sending process with the new collector. The cost for doing it yourself is in certified mail with return receipt postage, which is a fraction of what these so-called “debt-relief” agencies charge with little or no results. I’ve used this process for years and it has worked beautifully!!!

  2. I spoke to several people on April 26th, all with fancy titles, each of them quickly ‘explaining’ the process to me. I was rushed through the paperwork to sign. I was originally told that for $344.41 per month, for 12 months, my debits would be paid off for half of what I owe. When I was put through to a 3rd person, then legal fees came up, which was quickly explained away. It wasn’t until I spoke to a woman who is with the law firm, that the program was finally told to me without being rushed.
    So the monthly payment is for legal fees ONLY! The law firm stops the creditors from calling you but then your debit is turned over to collections agents who buy your debit from the creditors. Now you owe them. After 12 months of paying LPG, they then contact the collection agency to see if the agency has the proper paperwork to prove you owe the debit. If they can’t prove it, LPG makes them drop the debt. BUT if they can prove it, you still owe money to collections! LPG tells me that 90% of the collections don’t have the proper paperwork…..so they say. There is no 100% guarantee that your debits will be ‘resolved’! I don’t trust this at all and told them I was not going to take the chance of spending all that money and still be in debt.


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