Debt Relief Group Company Review


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Debt settlement lead company


Telephone representative says he works for Palm Group Consulting in Florida.

Anthony T. Palm
Palm Group Consulting
9148 Bonita Beach Road
Suite 207
Bonita Springs, FL 34135

This is the address of ATM Financial Group, LLC, another business of Anthony T. Palm.


Marcus Veiga – 949-743-1910


The Law Offices of Craig Zimmerman – craigzlaw.com

Interesting Points

When you call the advertised telephone number for the Debt Relief Group that advertises on channel 12 television in New Jersey you reach what sounds like an indian call center. The telephone number has been reported as being associated with one of those phony debt collector scams. – Source

Listen to Call to Debt Relief Group Below


With my imaginary $32,000 of debt and their promise to cut my debt in half which would equal $16,000 the total payments to the program equal $20,808. That seems to mean the cost of this service is about $5,000 not including any costs associated with settling up my savings account for me.

If you listen to the call above you will hear the Indian guy warn me about scams and you can listen to him selling the legal services of Craig Zimmerman, Esq. for a fee.

Much of the promises Marcus Vega, the sales representative, makes are completely unrealistic and misleading.

I called Marcus back and asked him if I could be sued by creditors while in the debt settlement program and he said no. That’s an outright misrepresentation.

Representative claims to be in Florida working for Debt Relief Group but there is no registered business named Debt Relief Group registered or licensed to do business in Florida.

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Email From Marcus

Dear Jim,

It was a pleasure speaking with you earlier this week. As promised, please see below for information on who we are and some of the benefits to working with our firm. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me at any time. I understand your concerns in dealing with a reputable organization, so please do your research to ensure this is the direction that you would like to go to eliminate your debt.

Zimmerman law Firm is rated A+ with BBB

The Zimmerman Firm’s Web Address:

The Zimmerman Firm’s Accredited Better Business Bureau Status:

The Zimmerman Firm’s State Bar of California Status:

The Zimmerman Firm’s Bar Web Address:

Marcus Veiga
Senior Counselor
Client Services Specialist
Direct – 949-743-1910


“Changing lives, one person at a time”.

Click here to read attachment to email

The email came from pgcsupport.com which is listed as:

740 Veterans Highway
Suite 200
Hauppauge, New York 11788

It was sent through epicmm.com which is listed as:

223 Wall Street #375
Huntington, New York 11743

The domain was listed as belonging to Epic Financial Management. Epic Financial Management states “Epic is the only company offering a nationwide network of attorneys who will work on your behalf to negotiate your debts and protect your legal rights.” – Source


Picture of Web Site

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7 thoughts on “Debt Relief Group Company Review”

  1. Steve,

    I used to work at PGC, and in fact, this ordeal is what made me look at the company in a whole new level and find new employment. Marcus (the rep you spoke with) was titled as a manager based upon the volume of business he drew in. (Now I know why he was successful) He misrepresented everything that we discussed, and I can assure you that he did not represent The Debt Relief Group or himself in the proper manner at all. I can assure you that had you reached me on the other end of the phone with your “issue”, we would not have gone down this path, in fact, you would have appreciated the honesty that I would have given you. For your knowledge, Marcus was fired the day this blog was written by the attorneys themselves.

    As far as debt settlement in general goes, I have no idea what causes people to reach for third party help at all. There is nothing that they can do that you cannot do for yourselves, I repeat NOTHING!! They are all a scam, setting up fee structures with the retainer paid up front (What attorney will ever work without his retainer?) and really don’t want you to finish the program, cause their fees have already been paid. They tell you to finish the program, 12-60 months, and to trust them to try to “settle your debt”. Please!!!

    Avoid this and all other companies and talk with your agencies. You will be much better off.

  2. Hi Steve. Thanks for all is the work you are doing. PGC Support service is in fact a scam…. I have been taken for a ride. After I sent my information to them I never heard from “Andrea Palm-McNight / Laura” ever again. My calls ha e not been returned for over a month. I’m very concerned now with my information out there. Its also very disheartening since the form letter I received was well written and my initial conversation. With Laura/Andrea felt promising and good. 🙁 there are very very ill people at work for this scammer.

  3. Although I can not say that the things I heard in that message were anything close to what was explained to me when I called their organization, nor were any of those promises made to the people I refered to them due to the help they had given me, I can not help but to think that there was a language barrier there.

    Do you know if this person is still with the company? I would think they would have to periodically monitor or review their representatives.

  4. I find it very interesting that you claim to be a the guy to come to for free information on getting out of debt, and you are seeking out companies that are not legitamate or misrepresent thier services in order to gain profit. It seems that there may have been a language breakdown involved in this phone call.

    I have used this law firm’s services in the past and was very pleased with not only the professionalism involved with my initial contact and explanation of services, but also their ability to settle my debt for even less than what my program was structured for.

    I also see that although your information is free and may be helpful to many, you seem to refer readers to a specific settlement company or credit counseling program of your preference. One has too wonder where “your” incentive is???

    • Jordan,

      Did I get something factually wrong in the review?

      You stated that I’m “seeking out companies that are not legitamate or misrepresent thier services in order to gain profit.” That is not true.

      The companies I review have fallen in front of me randomly from an advertisement, a reader question or an email I’ve received.



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