1 Out of 3 Brits Will Face Poverty Over Energy Bills This Winter

When it comes to money issues, we all tend to think local or national, not global. Yet, while energy prices, especially fuel, have risen dramatically and are blamed on the current political administration, the cost of energy has exploded all around the globe.

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With winter approaching, people in the United Kingdom are bracing for record-high energy bills.

It is projected that 33 percent of households will fall below the poverty line after paying for heating bills this winter.

The prediction is that January energy bills will increase 83 percent over last year’s expense.

But home heating isn’t the only expensive energy Brits have to pay. For example, the current price per gallon for diesel fuel is $8.62 a gallon.

Gas and diesel prices have been on the rise since March 2022.

1 Out of 3 Brits Will Face Poverty Over Energy Bills This Winter

The British firm Cornwall Insight does not anticipate prices dropping until the second half of 2023.

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