Consumer Debt Legal Group – Consumer Complaint – August 1, 2023

Consumer Statement:

Consumer Debt Legal Group took my money for 12 months. When I called to ask if I could make a partial payment, I was told they were canceling my account unless I could pay the full monthly amount.

They canceled my account the next day and told me that because they had done ” a substantial amount of work “on my case I was not entitled to a refund of the monies that they had collected. Before they canceled my account I had access to the client portal and had been monitoring it closely. there was no activity, no documents uploaded, no evidence of Correspondence between creditors and Consumer Debt Legal Group, nothing. I asked for verification of their activities on my behalf in the past 12 months since there was nothing in the portal that would suggest they’d done anything except collect my money . They verified that they had sent six (6)faxes, one to each of my creditors. Each fax contained the exact same language , the only change made was the name of the recipient. Sending 6 Boiler plate faxes does not constitute “a substantial amount of work” done on my case. Sending six boiler plate faxes does not entitle them to keep $2,500 of my money which now desperately need more than ever. Consumer Debt Legal Group did not help me . They stole my $2,500 and I’m still being contacted by collection agency’s.

Consumer Action Taken:

I called and asked to speak with the my case manager who has remained unnamed this entire time and the accounting department as well as asking to speak with one of the attorneys on staff. I emailed and called for days on end. On their website they promise a consult with one of their attorneys. I was never able to get through to anybody except the receptionist who was extremely cagey and shady and would not give me anyone’s name that I could speak to. I never received a call back from my case manager from an attorney or from the accounting department.

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Date This Problem Happened: May 17, 2023

State You Live in: CT

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 21-35

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,504

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Company Name: Consumer Debt Legal Group

Company Address:

4525 S Sandhill Rd STE 114
Las Vegas, NV 89121-5956

Company Telephone Number: 1-866-583-0922

Website of Company: https://cdlgconsulting.com/

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  1. This is the exact scenario I had with Spring Legal Group and Briteside Solutions. I paid roughly $10k between the two companies. I was forced into Chapter 7 bankruptcy due to ending my relationship with them once I was served in civil lawsuits. These companies offer zero assistance when debtor is sued, but will continue taking money. I couldn’t recover any money on my own, even after consulting with attorneys. However, the trustee appointed in my bankruptcy was able to recover all money from both places and paid it to my creditors.


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