Second Chance Debt Relief Advocate – Consumer Complaint – August 14, 2023

Consumer Statement:

Second Chance debt advocate service at least that’s what they represented them to me as and I hadn’t read your formum unfortunately. They claim to be a debt consolidating advocates dealing with predatory lenders and payday loan type companies they assured me that they could help me with a payday loan with an absorbent interest rate which has been financially devastating they sent me immediately a form to forward to my bank and assured me that they would be in contact with my companies I’m in debt to beginning with the loan company I waited and waited and waited for days after receiving that phone call and getting their contract by email which I signed at their encouragement and constant nagging on the phone cuz I was taking some time to try and review it only to sit and wait the 3 weeks following waiting for anything anybody to contact me none of which did not by email text or phone as the beginning of the next month rolled around it was a weekend and I was definitely worried and my greatest fear happened not only had I expressed it to them when we were talking but everybody knows that I was concerned about doing this online at such a rapid speed preventing me from reading every bit of that contract which I did not do and I regret now or not only did they do nothing as to contact the loan company charging the absorbent fines and fees they also didn’t do anything to contact me or anybody else for that matter not my bank not any of my other debtors nothing I don’t believe they even bother to run a background check or credit check to find out what kind of debt I had although I’ve given permission now I have spent most of the day back and forth with them after mid-morning I received a phone call from one of their supposed counselors unfortunately our Call was interrupted by an emergency which required my attention and I had to disconnect. I called back and as instructed requested the gentleman by name that I had been speaking to earlier and the agent on the phone proceeded to continue with he was on another call he can’t get to you right now I repeatedly requested he give him the message I had returned the call to continue our conversation and to call me the agent was not very conducive to my ideas of his associate talking to me and kept insisting I speak with him we did finally end the call and approximately 30 to 40 minutes later the person I had spoke to earlier in the day called me I explained to him that at this point I no longer want second chances services and that they had failed to do what they had advertised during this conversation he pointed out to me that I had just signed up with them at the beginning of August which August 7th is today August 4th is what I received my email on the weekend the packet of paper welcoming me to second Chance mind you were the first conversation taking place I was sent promptly as I stated earlier a document a form letter to sign and forward myself to my bank to ensure the ACH did not come out of my account that the lender would be taking out at the beginning of the month of course without anything from The advocates or anybody else that didn’t happen and I have now spent this day with my bank and Friday when we started filling out paperwork signing my name and assuring that I understand they will put the money back in my account temporarily if necessary dependent upon whether the lender the one that’s in question doesn’t dispute them taking it back which I’m sure they will at which time my bank will then charge me another $30 first $30 being because I requested they take back a payment that had already gone through and was not authorized I have another leg to stand on it was an ACH payment

Consumer Action Taken:

They’re fraud they start out telling you all this wonderful stuff they don’t give you time to review their contract they even go as far as to have you sign a paper and then forward it to your banking institution assuring you they will be in contact with the lender they don’t do it but they do take the money out real quick. Now I have spoken to them again and told them where they have failed in their services and that I want my money back from them they repeatedly told me that wouldn’t good that they had already sent me the contract I told them that they did that long ago and they welcome packet and even the gentleman himself said that my services did not begin or initiate until the 4th of August almost 3 weeks after the call when I received an email with a paper that I ended up submitting which has caused me more drama and more trouble now I’m going to sit back and wait and see if they actually give me my money back or if I’m going to have to find some way to cure the problem that I have now gotten and the financial loss I’m now experiencing from the debt consolidator advocate company of second chance Don’t make my mistake chances are I’m going to lose this money and my life can’t handle it right now as I’m sure nobody’s would if you’re even dealing with these people don’t do it don’t let them call you and get you to sign on that line they are a fraud and they are thieves and they’re praying on people in times of trouble which makes them even worse good luck

Date This Problem Happened: August 7, 2023

State You Live in: FL

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $146.98

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Company Name: Second Chance Debt Relief Advocate

Company Address:

Boca Raton, FL

Company Telephone Number: 561-765-5126

Website of Company:

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