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Simon & Bocksch – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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Steve Rhode

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    You may read all of these reviews and be like…hey, these guys are the exception; I bet Simon & Bocksch is great and there are plenty of satisfied customers. Honestly, if you find a satisfied customer, please reply to this post…b/c I’ve NEVER found one. We have been with this company for 14 months now. We were also promised a 24-month settlement for our 4 accounts, which totalled to just over $20,000. We have sunk $6,000 into the program…let me break down how it has been divied out:
    1. First off, nobody tells you that during the first 1-2 (nobody will tell you for sure the duration) years, you will be charged an exuberant amount of fees. We are at $3000 in fees and growing. Also, after the first year they continue to charge you not only a “Service Provider Activation Fee” of around $120 but a (and I kid you not) $45 “Service Provider MATENANCE Fee” — that means that they charge you just to maintain your services with them.
    2. You also can’t forget the $12.50 that Noteworld, the company that handles the “reserve” account, charges you EVERY TIME you put in any cash
    3. When we were ready to settle at the end of the first year, the credit company wanted $2900. After putting over $3300 into the program, we still had to come up with $2000 of our own cash to cover the difference. Does anyone else see the disparity between what we paid in and what we owed??

    That brings me to (one of my) my biggest complaint(s): our case manager called when the credit company was ready to settle. After fighting relentlessly about why we didn’t have that money in reserves, she asked why we couldn’t just pony up the extra 2 grand. SERIOUSLY? Um…let me think: WE ARE IN A DEBT SETTLEMENT PROGRAM because we don’t have enough money to take care of our debt ourselves…chances are that if we had an extra $2000 just laying around we would have been able to take care of this garbage without having to put our trust into someone else’s false advertising!

    The other thing that has recently happened to us is that we have gone through 4 case managers in 4 months. Simon & Bosckch sold our accounts to a Dallas-based company. Since then, we have gone through 3 case managers. It takes forever just for them to learn our case, and then they get reassigned (I hope…least they have all been fired).

    I am not one to complain. I generally take everything in the best light possible and hope that in the end a company will do what is best for its clients. And that may be the case as far as Simon & Bosckch are concerned…but I don’t think that we are truly their clients. Bottom line: The don’t care about you. They don’t care about your debt or your situation. They don’t care about your hardships or the s**t you are having to go through just trying to work with them. They will lie to your face about fees and settlements. They will try every trick in the book to keep you with them. They hook you in with amazing promises, but before you know it you are in for thousands of dollars and feel trapped b/c…well, either you stay with them and hopefully recoup something…or get out and feel even more lost because you literally have wasted a year of time and resources padding some fat cat’s pockets.

    They leave you feeling stupid and helpless. This is seriously the worst company I have every dealt with.

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