Dave Burke and Real Talk Network Attempt to Bar Reporter With Restraining Order

Recently the ABC television station in Denver, the home of Dave Burke and the Real Talk Network, broadcast an investigative report into the operation of Burke and looked into claims that consumers were being ripped off and scammed.

As a result of that work and the attempted interview by the investigative reporter, rather than talk to the press and address claims of impropriety Burke took out a restraining order against the reporter Tony Kovaleski claiming Kovaleski was physically intimidating, trapping and shoving Burke.

The video footage shot specifically contradicted Burke’s claims and in fact show Burke being restricted exit from an elevator by his own staff members.

After 7News appealed the temporary restraining order issued erroneously against Kovaleski it was lifted. Magistrate Gregory Beacom said, “I can’t find a threat of harm or serious bodily injury nor an ongoing threat of harm.”

Tony Kovaleski has told me that he made repeated requests to sit down and interview Burke and Burke finally agreed to do so but it is now disclosed that Burke then sent a certified letter declining the interview.

It’s my opinion that Burke does not want to be open and transparent about his operation and business as if he has something to hide. Burke attempts to intimidate those that speak up with concern by getting a temporary restraining order against the 7News reporter and having his lawyer send me a letter saying I must cease & desist speaking out about Dave Burke and Real Talk Network or they will sue me.

The irony here is that rather than view reporters as something to avoid, if Dave Burke simply ran his debt relief company in an aboveboard, open and transparent manner and properly addressed the complaints of consumers, BBB and others and issued refunds when requested, there would be nothing to investigate and no unhappy consumers.

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Just to let you know how many people are unhappy with what appear to be deceptive and misleading sales practices by Burke and the Real Talk Network, on March 16, 2010 Burke had 80 BBB complaints. It is now June 2, 2010 and Burke now has 105 complaints – Source

I am left with only one impression, Burke’s continued troublesome business practices serve him. Otherwise, it would be a simple matter to clean up the operation, address past transgressions and move forward telling the truth. Certainly his recent radio broadcast in San Diego does not seem as if he is concerned about facts and telling the truth. You can read and listen to a breakdown on that show here.


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