Consumer Credit Rights Campaign to Save Debt Settlement. It’s B.S.

Consumer Credit Rights CampaignA new web site was registered on March 15, 2010 for the Consumer Credit Rights Campaign. The site purports to be a consumer fight to protect the debt settlement industry.

Unfortunately the Consumer Credit Rights Campaign effort appears to be no more than some unknown debt settlement companies that are trying to spread more misinformation about coming consumer protections in an effort to do no more than protect their own high flying income.

The site starts out by shamefully saying:

The FTC is planning to pass regulations limiting consumers’ ability to pay down their debt. – Source

So that’s the lead position and the most important point consumers want to get across? Really? When the reality is the FTC is planning to pass telemarketing sales rules to protect consumers from abusive debt settlement agencies. What the site appears to be based on is a mistruth.

More Untruths

On the About page the site makes the following statements.

  • “Consumers’ ability to resolve their debt issues is under threat.” – Not True
  • “Congress, the Administration, and the regulatory agencies are considering legislative and other proposals that will limit consumer choice.” – Not True
  • “The Consumer Credit Rights Campaign exists to provide an independent voice to protect American interests and options.” – Not True
  • “Intermediaries, such as debt settlement companies, often offer the most viable resource for negotiating realistic resolutions for consumers.” – Not True
  • “The Consumer Credit Rights Campaign advocates for policies that protect Americans against unscrupulous practices and provide them with viable options to resolve their debt issues.” – Not True


What amazes me is how the debt settlement industry, that has members that are preying upon consumers with debt problems, has the gall to launch a campaign trying to paint regulators and legislators as the villains here. Let’s be honest here, this site is an attempt to persuade gullible consumers to believe their rights are being eroded when in fact they are being better protected.

So Who is Behind This?

After looking at the site some more it appeared to be a P.R. job for debt settlement. Just look at the consumer testimonial page, they are all glowing recommendations for debt settlement. – Source

The site is actually registered to Kathryn Stetz and the phone number for the registration, (202) 496-1000 and address (1201 Connecticut Ave, Washington, D.C. 20036) all link back to Qorvis Communications, a public relations firm. – Source, Source

Qorvis describes itself by saying:

We help companies build and maintain strong reputations, manage difficult crisis issues, enhance shareholder value, and protect their interests in Washington, D.C. – Source

I doubt Qorvis Communications is doing this on their own, they must have a paying debt settlement client to spread this kind of B.S. around with the Consumer Credit Rights Campaign.

I hope Qorvis is charging their debt settlement clients two arms and two legs for this mess.

Video From Fake Consumer Rights Site

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/consumercreditrights.flv /]

The guy in the video feels debt settlement is a right and he does not want lawmakers to take away his debt settlement option. What we really need is a video that truthfully discloses the success rate and failure rates of debt settlement and then consumers can put that into context.

Debt settlement “is the path to security and financial freedom” the guy in the video says. What he forgets to tell you is that debt settlement is also a way to lose a lot of money, not have all your debts settled, get sued, ruin your credit, get a big tax bill, and have your wages garnished.

Personally, I find it insulting that debt settlement companies need to hide behind a public relations firm to create a fictional consumer effort to rally people around false claims and the belief that what lawmakers and regulators are doing harms consumers. In my opinion, the site and position is nothing more than a large lie intended to deceive people into believing the debt settlement companies are the victim here.

Hillarious But Way R Rated

When the video above finished playing for me on YouTube I could not believe the suggested related video. See below.

The video is all about getting screwed in the, well, I think you can guess where. If you want to watch it, click here.

Wow, YouTube really nailed that suggested related video. After what I’ve seen of the Consumer Credit Rights Campaign It sure seems perfectly related to me.


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2 thoughts on “Consumer Credit Rights Campaign to Save Debt Settlement. It’s B.S.”

  1. I read your site often, but come on…

    Just typing Not True in bold does not make something Not True! Maybe citing why you believe these statements to be Not True would add some credibility to your statement.

    As an example… “Congress, the Administration, and the regulatory agencies are considering legislative and other proposals that will limit consumer choice.” – Not True

    Is it really? If congress, the administration, and the regulatory agencies are considering legislative and other proposal that have a stated intention of putting the entire debt settlement industry out of business (I thought I remember you saying this in several posts, since the reputable companies did not police the scums), doesn’t that limit consumers choices? So couldn’t that statement be FACTUALLY True?

    • Anon,

      From my point of view the constriction in debt settlement companies that the trade associations say will occur is not a loss of choice in my opinion. If anything it is the loss of a failed business model that should never have grown and is easy to fix. See The Easiest and Most Obvious Way to Fix the Debt Settlement Industry and Prevent Regulation.

      Even if proposed rules were enacted today, consumers would still have debt settlement as a choice of options along with bankruptcy and credit counseling. The regulations attempt to limit abuse of consumers by many in the field but do not outlaw debt settlement.

      And the argument that debt settlement companies can’t deliver services under new proposed models is false. If they want to they can, and some already do. Look at the discussion going on over on this post as an example. You have representatives of different companies talking about success rates, transparency, and performance based pricing they already deliver.

      While I think the goal of proposed rules and legislation is to make the upfront fee debt settlement companies cease their abuse of consumers, that’s not the only way to provide services to consumers.

      Did you have another statement I said was not true that you wanted to discuss?

      Thanks for being a frequent reader.



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