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National Association of Debt Relief Companies – NADRC

And here is yet another debt settlement trade association.

The National Association of Debt Relief Companies (NADRC) was created so that you, the consumer, can make an educated decision when choosing a debt settlement company. – Source

One big downer is they don’t list contact information for the trade association and only leave you to use an online form to reach out to them. – Source

As of today, this is a list of members. – Source

American Debt Settlement Services
American Dream Financial
American Mitigation Group
American Premier Financial
Complete Debt Assistance
Consumer Credit Group
Debt Settlement Gateway
Financial Alternatives
Financial Solutions Advisors
Fresh Start Home Solutions
Fresh Start Mortgage Solutions
Home First
Impact Debt Relief
Impact Debt Settlement
Impact Debt Solutions
KTEX Marketing LLC
Lenox Financial Group Inc.
Loan Modifications of America
Loan Tester Systems
Mission Equity Management
Modify Us Now
My Loan Negotiator
My Loan Company
National Business Strategies
National Debt Management Group
New Vision Direct Network
Fundamental Financial
Operation Lifeline
Prosperity Real Estate Services
RT Financial Services
Silver Lining Advisory
Takedown Group
True Value Credit
United Fidelity Group
US Debt Center
WS Consulting Corp
Lenox Financial Group Inc.


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