Institute of Consumer Economic Education (ICEE) – Sadly Dave Burke Appears to Be Back

A tip just in.

Real talk is no longer a business…However Dave Burke is still very much in business just under a totally different company name! RTN is now the “institute of consumer economic education” Melody Burke purchased all of RTN assets, under the institute of consumer economic education so real talk doesn’t exist anymore! what she didn’t purchase was all of RTNs liabilities… ICEE is an “education service” for consumers? So do some research check it out, ICEE is very real they’re website is iceellc.com and if you notice they are even holding events at the exact same places that RTN use to hold events. Oh and they are even opening up a new market in Houston, Tx. This is Burkes way to get rid of the negative press he has received as well as all of the BBB ratings and of course the event picketers!

I’ve written so much about Dave Burke and his old Real Talk Network enterprise. If you want to learn more, start with “Investigative Report: Dave Burke and Real Talk Network (Real Talk Network, Inc.). Is It a Scam?” And once you finish that article you can read all of these.

Thanks to the tipster (send in your tips here) it was super easy to connect the Real Talk Network site and the ICEE site. All I had to do was look at the code on the site to get the connection through Experian.

According to the ICEE site, the company is Institute of Consumer Economic Education, LLC at P.O. Box 33300, Northglenn, Colorado 80234. – Source

The Institute of Consumer Economic Education, LLC lists on its articles of organization the address of 1333 W. 120th St #208, Westminster, CO 80234. That just so happens to be the mailing address of the Real Talk Network, Get Real With Dave and now the ICEE.

The Institute of Consumer Economic Education was registered by Melodie Burke on June 17, 2010. – Source

The ICEE describes itself as:

The Institute of Consumer Economic Education (ICEE) is a content- rich information source focused on educating consumers on the vast array of topics regarding consumer financial management. Through its website, proprietary curriculum, classes and orientations, and personalized, one-on-one mentoring, ICEE provides consumers with the tools to live smarter, richer lives. Based in Denver, Colorado, ICEE is a one-stop information source for tools, tips and community sharing. – Source

And as the tipster (send in your tips here) noticed. It does look like the seminars are held in similar locations as Real Talk Network did.

And the Real Talk Network doesn’t list any additional sessions to be held after the one on July 1, 2010 at the, wait for it, Costa Mesa Hilton.

The iceellc.com domain name was registered on June 14, 2010.

ICEE is hiring. A recent advertisement says there is an opening for a back-up speaker. I wonder if Dave is looking for a new sidekick since it seems all the others have been kicked out the door.

The ad says:
Post# A72219

Consumer Economic Education Speaker (Denver)

Posted on: Wednesday, 30 June, 2010 11:11
Updated On: Monday, 05 July, 2010 10:12
Expires On: Friday, 08 October, 2010 11:11
Reply to: (Not Shown)

Position: Education Orientation Professional Speaker

The COO of an exciting, fast-growing company is looking for a Back –Up Professional Speaker to speak about the Institute of Consumer Economic Education’s Economic Education Program at various orientations around the country. The ideal candidate will be comfortable working in a demanding, fast-paced, high-energy environment and have previous finance related work experience. Candidate must be professional, passionate, have a high level of energy, the ability to speak in front of large crowds, detail-oriented, ability to multi-task and possess strong oral skills. High level personal training is provided to the right candidate.

See also  Dave Burke and His Real Talk Network Were Supposed to Help Us But Sent Us to Collections. - Kelly

• Learn the ICEE philosophy, Household Economic Education Program and training.
• Develop and maintain a professional atmosphere at all events.
• Work with COO to update new financial product info.
• Attend all orientation engagements set up by ICEE.
• Work with COO on a continued basis, training and orientation tactics.

• Recent Speaking at Event level experience.
• Excellent oral skills; detail-oriented.
• A professional who is prompt and reliable.
• A resourceful self-starter and self-manager; ability to work independently and be self directed.
• Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills in a high interrupt environment.
• Strong customer service and people skills.

Work Environment
• Speaker will work out of corporate offices and at orientations nightly. Working hours vary depending on event details
• Be able to attend orientations for at least three to six months before speaking
• Demanding, high-energy, fast-paced environment (small, growing company).
• Work with group of sharp individuals who are highly committed to company vision.
billicampanella@yahoo.com – Source

Notice the email address in the ad, Billi Campanella. Well Billi Sue Carwile was listed as the COO of Real Talk Network. I wonder if she is using a different last name to try to distance herself so people don’t figure it out. – Source

According to the Facebook page for the ICEE it sure sounds like the Real Talk Network and other Dave Burke pitches.

Here is what it says:

Company Overview: Typically, debt elimination isn’t the golden ticket. In order for consumer to have long-term financial success, education is key. The Institute of Consumer Economic Education (ICEE) is focused on empowering consumers with financial knowledge, information, education and action. Through its website, curriculum, classes and orientations, and personalized, one-on-one mentoring, ICEE provides consumers with the tools to live smarter, richer lives. Based in Denver, CO, ICEE is a one-stop information source for tools, tips and community sharing. Visit us at www.iccellc.com.

Mission: Most consumers view mortgages, credit card fees and auto loans as a necessary part of life. Visions of winning the lottery can sometimes seem like the only way out. At the Institute of Consumer Economic Education (ICEE) we take a very different view of personal financial management. Our philosophy is to empower every consumer with knowledge and from there educate and mentor. We provide a content-rich information source focused on educating consumers on a vast array of subjects surrounding consumer financial education. Through our website, proprietary curriculum, classes and orientations, and personalized, one-on-one mentoring, ICEE provides consumers with the tools to live smarter, richer lives. It’s not a one-stop approach to debt elimination but rather a long-term process that empowers and educates.

Products: ICEE takes a holistic, 360-degree view of personal finance. Consumers can access one of many resources to learn, inform or take action.

• At www.iceellccom consumers have a one-stop source for information and knowledge sharing.

• ICEE’s Household Economic Program Orientations are an open, community-building forum where consumers learn tips, tools and gather knowledge about better household financial management.

• ICEE’s Household Economic Program brings a personalized, tailored process to guiding consumer through the financial management process.

• ICEE’s Household Economic Program Classes are in-depth sessions on key financial topics like managing credit cards, mortgages and debt. – Source

Sadly I’d have to say we’ll need to stay tuned for new people with something to say about the ICEE. If you have any information and updates about the ICEE, be sure to post your information in the comments below.

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Update: July 7, 2010

As you will see in the comments below, COO Billi Carwile made the statement that Dave Burke will be involved in ICEE and his wife is the owner of ICEE and purchased the assets of Get Real With Dave (Real Talk Network) and that then became the Institute of Consumer Economic Education (ICEE). Carwille says, “Mr. Burke will be contracted by ICEE in a consulting manner to train a new speaker for ICEE as well as continue training for its counseling program.”

Just yesterday a San Diego television station reported the following story about Burke and his business practices. Only time will tell if they become part of the ICEE approach.

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/SanDiego10.flv /]

Update: July 8, 2010

ICEE Shuttered by Colorado Attorney General

Well it looks like the ICEE ran a short life. Along with the ICEE, Dave Burke’s other enterprises have been hit with a court approved temporary restraining order and all operations have been ordered to cease and web sites to be removed.

See Dave Burke, Erik Sale, Real Talk Network and Institute of Consumer Economic Education All Sued and Hit With TRO by Attorney General of Colorado for complete details.


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28 thoughts on “Institute of Consumer Economic Education (ICEE) – Sadly Dave Burke Appears to Be Back”

  1. I was ripped off too, and sent to collections with Conrad Credit. I am also in California. What are we able to do to try to get some sort of refund. I feel as if I was extorted into paying Conrad Collections the balance due to get the collection account off of my credit report.I did not have the extra money to do this, so I put it on a credit card, and it was removed immediately. RTN was not helpful at all. I want some sort of payback.

  2. How interesting. We too were due for a RTN counseling session last week and got nothing. Then I find out about all of these happenings. Here is my question, what if there are “victims” not in Colorado? David Burke operated this scam in multiple states. What is the appropriate course of action for those of us in those other states?

    • Same happened with me . Today, August 9th, I was due for a coaching session, and once nobody called, I tried to call them-phones disconnected. Website no longer exists.
      I was in this program for a year, and absolutely no results.
      What a scam! what can we do about it?

        • We too had a session on 08/05, no phone call at appointment time from our counselor, emails were returned undeliverable. Called and held on phone for 20 minutes, and then went on internet and figured out they were closed down, so we filed a claim with our credit card company and they cancelled the credit card. We were making monthly payments. Hopefully they won’t come after us. But no service – no pay. Keeping fingers crossed. Conrad actually took it out of our credit card on 08/01 and credit card company is going after them. We’ll see. We have good credit so I hope Conrad doesn’t ding us.

  3. Billi
    I was do for my coaching session today July 21st 2010 and would you beleive no phone call.Received no email or phone call back from Real Talk or any of the Customer Service reps and I was on hold for over 30 minutes with ICEE that said wait time was only 5 minutes.Numbers listed by RTN or ICEE are not answering, as matter of fact one did for Real Talk but said mail box was full and disconected me. Not feeling overly confident or holding my breath about your promise to make better. I’m a student in CA or possibly ex student based on information currently being presented. I will say this,Burke needs to make good on his promises. There’s alot of good, honest and respectable folks out there that put in 40 hour plus work weeks to keep our families safe and food on the table and beleived Burke could help. Time for Burke to own up and take his punishment(licks)like a man but I’m guessing on his lack of willingness to come out and make a formal comment that he’s not that kind of guy and will hide behind his attorneys. Last time I checked (The Truth Shall Set You Free)or at least let folks know you are a person of integrity. Sounds like my only choice is to contact my attorney and begin my own legal action for whatever that may be worth. I’ll end this respectfully, Have a great day Billi, hope you know that you have a huge mess on your hands.

  4. Dave Burke is both a retard and a partisan stooge. My guess is that he will start up again only to be lambasted by channel 7 once again. Will be fun to watch.

  5. WOw…
    WE were in the process of getting our !st coaching and this .
    do we ,the victims, have any recourse in getting the cost of this program back?


    • I would not be surprised to see the State of Colorado put the company into receivership. And if they do then consumers might be eligible for SOME refund. Don’t expect if there is any refund for it to be a total refund.


  6. Just In

    The Attorney General in Colorado has moved to freeze all assets of Dave Burke, RTN, and ICEE and go after organization with potential criminal charges. More to follow.

  7. Steve,

    We certainly have learned some valuable lessons.

    Thank you for your advice and support moving forward.

    Additionally, we really appreciate you allowing us the use of this open forum for us to communicate with our clients and to monitor for any possible future concerns.


    • Billie,

      I just got a call from Colorado saying the Attorney General has moved to seize all the assets of Real Talk Network, Dave Burke and ICEE. It is my understanding that once you receive the court order you will be seized and shut down.

      Have you been notified yet?


      • Steve,

        Yes we were notified yesterday evening and we will be complying with the court order. Because it is now a legal matter I cannot comment any further.


        • Billi,

          Someone asked an excellent question over on the other Burke article. They wanted to know if Conrad has been instructed to stop collections or will they continue to draft the consumers bank account monthly. Any advice on this?


    • Billi,
      I have sent an email to the address you mentioned in your reply. The body of it is:

      “I would be very happy to have help setting this matter straight.

      I do not qualify for any RTN program. I have no equity in my home and my income has been reduced to 16 hours per week at Wal-Mart. I have written before, regarding the account being turned over to collections, but have not been successful in achieving a resolution.

      Will RTN issue a letter to Conrad Credit Corp to indicate that the account /contract is cancelled and no money is owed? If we can get this done and a copy to me for my records, it would be a weight off my shoulders. They can’t carry much more. If this can all be resolved quickly, I will notify BBB that my complaint has been satisfied.”

      I have concerns about getting this resolved now, with the action taken by the CO Atty Genl. Will you continue to advocate for resolution to my RTN/Conrad Credit collections issue?

      • Stephanie,

        I will be more than happy to. Once I have confirmation from the collection company that your account has been removed I will forward it directly to you.


    • Billi
      I was do for my coaching session today 7/21/10 and to my surprise, no phone call. I’ve received no email or phone call back from RTN and I was on hold for 35 minutes with your company ICEE that said wait time was only 5 minutes. None of the numbers listed by RTN or ICEE are answering, not feeling very confident about your promise to make better. I’m one of your students in CA or what appears to be ex student based on what I’m reading. Mr.Burke needs to make good on his promises to honest 40 hour work week folks who beleived he could help. If not then time for Mr.Burke to stand up and take his punishment like a man and admit his wrongdoings but I’m sure he’s not that kind of guy. Sounds like my only recourse is to contact my attorney and start my own legal action. Have a great day and hope you know that you have a big mess on your hands.

  8. Hi Steve,
    My name is Billi Carwile, COO of Institute of Consumer Economic Education (ICEE). I read and appreciate your above article. I thought it might be beneficial to hear from ICEE as part of this dialogue, to share more about what ICEE does and where it is going.

    Yes, Melodie Burke purchased the assets of Real Talk Network and ICEE is operating in the same office space and will continue to host events at the same locations as RTN, but that is where the similarities end.

    Real Talk Network with Dave Burke still remains. ICEE is not interested in hiding from any negative press or trying to cover anything up from Real Talk Network’s past. Instead we are taking action.

    This transition has taken over a year but we are excited and ready to change past mistakes made by RTN and improve our offerings through ICEE. It is because of concerned people like you, as well as concerned clients, that we were made aware of RTN’s shortcomings. We are taking full advantage of the opportunity to take a step back and do things properly.

    ICEE is a new company complete with new management and new policies. I believe you will find these to be in line with a company that is aiming to do the right thing and operating with full transparency and integrity. That is our goal and we will do everything we can to accommodate, including a new refund/cancellation policy. Our new approach starts with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    The radio shows have changed too. There is no longer a host and the format is informative and educational.
    All clients are prescreened to determine if they would qualify for our counseling program. This ensures that every client would benefit from our educational program.

    Our focus is on education. We are empowering and mentoring clients to successfully manage their own finances while educating them on the tools they can utilize to pay down their debt.

    I would like to invite you to use me as your source for all things ICEE and I would be happy to provide any information or details around your concerns.

    Thank you for helping to make us better – we value all feedback. Please contact me directly should you have any further needs.

    Thank you,

    Billi Carwile
    Institute of Consumer Economic Education

    • Billi,

      Thank you for responding.

      Your comment left me with some questions I’m hopping you’ll answer in an open and transparent way.

      1. You say Dave Burke is still with Real Talk Network but also that Melodie Burke purchased the assets of Real Talk Network. I’m confused. If Real Talk has no assets, what’s left under Real Talk Network except liabilities?

      2. So if Dave Burke is still with Real Talk Network then does he play a role in ICEE in any capacity, paid or unpaid?

      3. In the interest of moving forward are you saying that ICEE is committed to not continue, what I felt were abusive practices of RTN such as a refund policy limited by 3-5 days, sending consumers to collections, misrepresenting who would best benefit from the program and making totally unrealistic promotional pitches to attract unqualified customers?

      4. You mention the new ICEE policy is a 100% satisfaction guarantee but on your site you have a strict 3 day cancellation policy for California clients. So what happens if a customer is not happy 2 months latter? Under your new policy do they still get a 100% refund? If not, what is the policy?

      5. What stations are the ICEE radio shows on and if there is no host who presents them? Where can I listen to them online?

      6. Forgive me but all I see so far is an attempt to ditch RTN, shift the assets over to a new entity, continue the same seminar prospecting, radio show approach, coaching, etc. So what’s new and different?

      7. Who is the management team of ICEE?


      • Interesting information can be found at the Colorado Secretary of State website (sos.state.co.us) Choose search business database. I found Institute of Consumer Economic Education LLC. Person forming the LLC is Melody Burke. Registered Agent is Melodie Burke. Why the 2 different spellings? Effective 6/17/10. Address is the 1333 W 120th St, Westminster. But Suite is #208. Melodie Burke is listed as Treasurer on RTN Inc Articles of Incorporation.

        Real Talk Radio Show Network LLC, formed 3/17/08, annual report of 6/10/10 shows address at Suite #113.

        Real Talk Network Inc, formed 8/23/08, at Suite #304. Annual report of 10/31/09, shows no suite #.

        My question to Billi would be that since these companies are intertwined, does the new philosophy of ICEE apply to RTN? She says that they are trying to correct the mistakes. Since I don’t qualify for the RTN PROGRAM, can I get my collections eliminated? Can I get my credit report corrected? “Ready to change past mistakes by RTN” implies that they are now willing to get it right. I certainly hope so. I really need them to make it right for me.

      • Steve,

        As promised above I will be more than happy to answer your questions openly
        and transparently.

        1. I can understand your confusion. Mr. Burke has made the decision, with
        legal advice, to keep RTN operational for at least a year, to address past
        issues clients have faced and to accommodate those clients of Real Talk who
        do not wish to transition over to the Institute. RTN will not create any
        additional or future business; it will remain open for servicing clients and
        issues only. The contact numbers for customer service will remain the same.

        2. Mr. Burke will be contracted by ICEE in a consulting manner to train a
        new speaker for ICEE as well as continue training for its counseling
        program. Mr. Burke will transition completely out of the Orientation/Events
        team and marketing within the next six months

        3. ICEE has developed several different policies than those that were
        created and maintained by RTN. A new refund policy is being developed by
        our attorneys; we have also created a guarantee for our clients that if they
        do not benefit from the program within 12 coaching sessions, they will
        receive 100% of their tuition costs back.

        We have also created a screening process for prospective students of the
        program, clients will be pre-screened prior to coming to an orientation,
        some of the requirements to be eligible for the program include, but not
        limited to, clients need to have a income source that is not social security
        or disability, client must have above a 620 credit score, client cannot have
        a tax lien or bankruptcy, client cannot have late payment history on bills
        and consumer debt.

        4. All of our policies including our refund, program guarantee and our 100%
        satisfaction guarantee will be posted on our website within a few weeks.
        Currently, the only policy posted on our site for compliance regulations is
        the legal cancellation policy for California.

        If a client does not benefit from the program within 12 coaching sessions,
        they will receive 100% of their tuition costs back regardless of location.

        In your example and under our new policy, if we are unable to service the
        client’s needs and they are dissatisfied, they will then
        receive a refund.

        5. We have changed the radio format that is informational only. We do not
        claim to wipe out debt in days, weeks and months; nor do we say it will
        happen for everyone. The radio shows communicate the education process,
        invite people to orientations and also spell out who could be qualified for
        the program. We are in the process of transitioning all radio shows into
        the new format and into new stations, once this is complete, podcasts and
        affiliate stations will be available on our website.

        6. There are many differences between the two companies, while the
        counseling program still has many of the same aspects, the differences come
        in the marketing and setting real expectations up front, which includes some
        radio in an educational forum, but mostly we will evolve our website to be
        extremely content rich, not just for clients but also for every day

        We will service our clients with new policies, and guarantees; our target
        market only includes individuals or families that would benefit from our
        program and meet the criteria for the program as I outlined earlier.

        Our counseling program will have added benefits that include, first and
        foremost, education, the best thing we can do for our students and clients
        is to educate them on their household finances and how to manage them.

        We also will roll out brand new software that is proprietary for our
        clients; there are new training procedures for our counselors and minimum
        education and experience requirements in order to be counselor.

        We realize that this a customer service based business, and it is also a
        service that could have a significant impact for students and clients,
        therefore I have worked with Mrs. Burke over the past 12 months to make
        significant changes to methods and processes in order to begin ICEE.

        7. The management team consists of Mrs. Melodie Burke and myself. Mrs. Burke
        will be completely removed from RTN and work very closely with me on ICEE
        operations to ensure that all policies, procedures and programs are followed
        through properly and in the best interest of our clients.

        As we have been open, transparent, and given quality answers to all your
        questions, I hope you will take the time to read them and see the
        differences for yourself.

        Thank you,

        Billi Carwile
        Institute of Consumer Economic Education

        • Billi,

          Thank you.

          It looks like you’ve learned some very important lessons and that’s a good thing.

          Instead of labeling myself as skeptical, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and go with cautiously optimistic. Time will tell and I’ll be watching.

          One word of advice. Keep Dave Burke far away from ICEE. His reputation and business practices are toxic. He has already established himself on the watch list of a number of states investigating the business practices of RTN and his involvement with ICEE will not result in anything good.

          In the interest of providing a fresh start, openness, transparency and exceptional customer service, I would suggest that you make sure you have subscribed to the comments on this article and respond to any concerns a future poster might have. The best way to develop a reputation of exceptional customer service is to provide it.



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