Debt Settlement and Loan Modification Mailers and Then Halo Mac and American Debt Relief

Thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here) I wanted to show you some examples of debt settlement mailers that in my opinion appear designed to confuse of make recipients believe they come from some official or government resource. These mailers came from Budget Mailing Services at budgetmailingservices.com. – Source

I’ll post examples of the mailers they have available, below. You will notice that some of the formats look similar to mailers that have previously been labeled as deceptive and containing government seals or an official appearance.

But since the company, Budget Mailing Services, was involved in both loan modification and debt settlement services I wanted to see if they were related to either a loan modification or debt settlement company. Just a hunch.

First I checked to see if the site was hosted on a server with any other sites. Here is a list of the sites on that server.

  1. 1bms.net
  2. Accreditedfinancial.org
  3. Americandebtreliefusa.org
  4. Athomeremodel.com
  5. Aventinefinancial.com
  6. Budgetmailingservices.com
  7. Budgetmailservices.com
  8. Halomac.org
  9. Luxuryassetlending.com
  10. Mindrivermarketing.com
  11. Mindriversem.com
  12. The-range.org

A search for Budget Mailing Services, Inc., the company identified on the site below found in California the company was suspended in 2001 and not authorized to do business. Source

Who knows, maybe they are located in another state but since their site is quiet about who they are, it’s hard to tell. I made the assumption they were located in California since the other companies on the server I looked into, were.

American Debt Relief Incorporated

The company, American Debt Relief Incorporated, maintains a web site on the same server as Budget Mailing Services. Their domain is AmericanDebtReliefUSA.org

That domain name is owned by Daniel Dias, American Debt Relief, 5865 Friars Road, 3114, San Diego, CA 92110. directfinancialgroup@hotmail.com

According to one web site, Daniel is involved in marketing in a number of debt relief markets. – Source

But here is the thing, there is no California registered corporation authorized to do business under the name of American Debt Relief Incorporated as it says on their site.

American Debt Relief Incorporated
5173 Waring Rd #153
San Diego, CA 92120

I did locate a press release which said it was from a Daniel Dias at American Debt Relief Financial Services, LLC (source) but California shows only a suspended company as American Debt Relief, LLC. – Source

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A search for the address of the company listed on their site directed me to a UPS store mailbox belonging to Daniel Dias. A call to the UPS store confirmed box 153 belonged to Daniel. – Source

So it appears that the American Debt Relief site is, in my opinion, nothing more than a lead generating site. I did call the telephone number on their site and spoke with someone who was going to email information about their services, and as of the time this article published, they never did.

Home Loan Modification Association of Companies

On the same small server with the Budget Mailing Services, that sends out mailers to debt settlement and loan modification consumers was halomac.org.

Halo Mac describes themselves as a loan modification trade association.

The Home Loan Modification Association of Companies, (“Halo Mac”) is the national trade association representing loan modification industry companies and professionals.

Headquartered in San Diego California, Halo Mac encourages and supports the sustainability of home ownership for consumers that are experiencing hardship. Halo Mac believes that all types of homeowners in need can benefit from loan modifications. We support fair regulation that promotes ethical industry companies and professionals, and that cares for the rights of homeowners.

Loan modification companies have emerged from the current housing crisis providing a solution to struggling homeowners by acting as an intermediary between homeowners and their loan servicers. Make no mistake about it, we’re advocates for our members and are dedicated to helping them succeed in their business. Halo Mac contributes to the success of our members by providing relevant news and information on the fast changing regulatory landscape of loan modifications and how its impact at both state and federal levels affects loan modification companies. We offer a wide range of continuing education to members, strategic tools, industry trends, and resources critical to advancing their business.

Halo Mac promotes fair and ethical business practices, consumer protection, and industry standards for the loan modification industry. Our core belief is that there must be corporate responsibility that focuses on trust and value in the services that loan modification companies provide. To advance trust in the loan modification industry Halo Mac provides education, state by state compliance awareness, and industry self-policing that promotes and serves our members as well as home owners. We share in the high expectations set by the consumer and all of our memebers agree to adhere to our Guidelines and Declaration of Principles for the benefit of both the consumer and professional. The Halo Mac Seal identifies our members’ abilities, ethics, and professionalism and promotes consumer confidence.

Leading through knowledge and professional development. We are Halo Mac.

Halomac.org is owned by Tom Krug, 420 Stevens Ave, Suite 180, Solana beach, CA 92075. The address listed for Halo Mac is Halo Mac, 420 Stevens Ave – Suite 180, Solana Beach, CA 92075.

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That address is also linked to Tom Krug as the President of Mind River Marketing, Inc. – Source

Mind River Marketing

Mind River Marketing describes themselves as a “leader in interactive marketing services.” – Source. It’s also another site on that same server I started looking into.

The group specializes in selling debt settlement leads and lists and mortgage direct mail.

I contacted Tom at Mind River Marketing but as of the time this article I had not received a response to my questions raised.

Sample Debt Settlement Mailers Budget Mailing Service Sells

Sample Loan Modification Mailers Budget Mailing Service Sells


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