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“Consumers Assume the Commercial They Are Calling Into is Your Company”

Just when you thought marketing debt relief services could not be more misleading, I read the press release of Spotlight Media and went to the site they mentioned, – Source

The press release brags about selling debt settlement, auto loan modification, and mortgage modification leads. But what caught my eye was the release says “If you are a reputable loan modification, debt settlement or automobile modification company you now have the opportunity to become part of Spotlight Media’s elite rotation and purchase these Live TV leads” but the web site readers are directed to says:

Consumers assume the commercial they are calling into is your company. They immediately view your company as a respectable and trusted authority in loan modification. – Source

So I guess what the goal is really to do is mislead the consumer into thinking you are the fictitious company in the ad and give you some imaginary trust and respectability that your company does not have.

That way unsuspecting consumers can then spend thousands getting tangled up with God knows what debt relief provider selling them some mortgage modification snake oil.

[flashvideo file=/wp-content/uploads/Loan-Modification-Leads-1.flv /]

Web Site That Goes With Commercial

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The is No Web Site Associated With This Commercial

So if you see either of the two ads above on television, don’t call. It is just a commercial promising imaginary benefits for unknown companies that will purchase leads from these commercials.


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