Howard Dvorkin, Consolidated Credit Counseling Services on New Debt Settlement Rules

This morning Howard Dvorkin, the president of Consolidated Credit Counseling Services, a Florida based credit counseling non-profit company, and I talked about the new debt settlement rules and other things.

Here are some of the topics we chatted about.

  • Attorneys getting into debt settlement right now.
  • Credit Advocates, a Florida debt settlement company, regarding this article.
  • Does credit counseling want to eliminate debt settlement because they are competition.
  • The place for debt settlement.
  • The percentage of consumers that are appropriate for debt settlement.
  • How good guys in debt settlement should deal with a troubled industry that becomes regulated.
  • How the scrutiny by regulators of the debt management world impacted the credit counseling industry.
  • The impact the debt settlement news has impacted credit counseling.
  • The prediction moving forward of what will happen in the debt settlement world.
  • The last chance money grab.
  • The failure of debt settlement companies and the financial loss to consumers when the business fails.
  • Who will survive the debt settlement regulations.
  • Low volumes in the credit counseling world.

You can listen to the interview below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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