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Is This the Right Time For TASC and USOBA Members to Vote With Their Dues?

My friend and fellow debt coach, Damon Day, had a recent article that raises a very good question. In the article he said:

TASC and USOBA are funded directly through debt settlement company membership dues. Settlement companies that are members of these associations often pay thousands of dollars a month and that money is used directly by TASC and USOBA to block efforts to curb the consumer abuse in the industry and ironically to also convince the public that TASC and USOBA members are the good guys and really looking out for them.

Now let me talk directly to TASC and USOBA members. Does TASC and USOBA represent what you stand for? If so, than good luck. If TASC and USOBA does not represent what you stand for, than get out of these associations now and stop funding them. – Source

You might be interested in reading the full article, here and letting Damon know what you think by commenting on his article.

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