John Ansbach Leaving USOBA Says Tipster

A tipster (send in your tips here) just sent this in.

“Jon Ansbach is leaving USOBA to be general counsel/lobbyist for MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).”

I reached out to USOBA for a confirmation but at the time of this publication I had not heard back from them.


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3 thoughts on “John Ansbach Leaving USOBA Says Tipster”

  1. An email was sent out to all 400+ debt settlement companies that process files through EFA with a note from Mr. Ansbach stating that he is leaving EFA to pursue other avenues.

    His email was short and wished the industry well.

    It is our belief that John will be spear heading the lawsuit USOBA plans to file and having him as COO of EFA would not sit well if he had to show in court.

    This is a confirmed fact.

  2. The comment above is pretty funny!

    Anyone know if he is leaving his company EFA?

    Any update if anyone is filing suit against the FTC. TASC made the right move not to.

  3. Perhaps the tipster only heard “MADD” and assumed via word association.

    It may actually stand for:

    Monetize All Debtors Dilemmas


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