Debt Settlement Company Says Refunds Should Be Made to Consumers

Here is a press release that is going out. All I’ve got to say about it is Yippie Oak View for taking a stand that consumers deserve fair refunds. It is certainly a better approach that those companies that tell people “too bad, so sad” and then don’t give a refund even though they have not done much, if any, work yet.

Citrus Heights, CA, United States, Sept, 03, 2010: Debt relief is not only about getting distressed people out of huge debt obligations, but also about preventing them from acquiring further debts. A client may not be able to continue with the program due to several unavoidable causes. But, the company cannot avoid its corporate social responsibility towards the client. Therefore, provision for a clear refund policy is absolutely important for firms offering debt relief services. However, debt relief companies are found to often evade the question of fee refunds when their clients discontinue with their services for unavoidable reasons. This increases the client’s hardship.

Recently, a similar incident happened with Oak View Law Group (OVLG), where a client named Mrs. KW (name hidden for privacy) wanted to discontinue with the service due to her poor financial condition and health. She requested a partial refund of the payments that she had made up until that date. On Aug 12, 2010 she wrote, “I have an autoimmune disease that has caused my body to attack healthy tissue and organs. The most emergent symptom caused me several heart attacks that have not only caused much physical pain, limitations, and anguish, but the financial disaster that goes along with many, many medical expenses.”

She enrolled with OVLG on Oct 27, 2009, in order to get rid of her overwhelming debt of $7,000. She acknowledged the firm’s initial efforts, saying, “I don’t believe your company’s initial efforts should be free…I believe that $250 would be a fair amount to pay your company for setting my debt.”

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OVLG assured her of the refund and wished that she would get well soon. Mr. Nick Denton, OVLG’s Customer Relation Team Head, even assured her that the amount of her refund would be increased. “I will try to increase the refund amount if possible.”

After receiving assurance of the refund, Mrs. KW was overwhelmed, “I will sleep soundly tonight knowing I have made a good start on my way to relief from the creditor harassment I’ve been suffering. I wouldn’t be surprised if my blood pressure is WAY down when I make my doctor visit on Monday!”

OVLG refunded $1,082 in total, including $250, the amount Mrs. KW wanted to give OVLG for its initial services.

This is a rare instance of humaneness – a virtue which is rare in the contemporary corporate world, especially in the debt relief industry. However, if all firms in the debt relief industry have a clear 100% money back policy, and strictly adhere to it, it will be a sincere attempt to uphold corporate social responsibility. It will help to win back the faith of all those distressed people who have been victims of debt relief scams and collection agencies.

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