Northeast Settlement Group Places Client Service Agreements Online

I have to tip my hat to Andy Faria of Northeast Settlement Group for placing his client agreements online for consumers to see before they enroll.

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I’ve always wondered why more companies don’t do that. My opinion is they should.

Back in my old credit counseling days we placed all the agreements for services online for everyone, including regulators, to read before giving up any personal information. If you are asking a consumer to enter into an agreement for service, just demystify it by placing online for them to read.

I guess one of the fears of doing that is concern over the competition reading the service agreement and copying it. So what if they do? Each company has a duty to make sure their service agreement complies with the law and regulations. If a company wants to copy another and doesn’t check and gets into trouble because they didn’t bother to have the agreement cleared, that’s their own damn fault.

It’s not the service agreement that creates a competitive advantage anyway. What companies seem to fail to understand in their pursuit of the almighty sale is that happy clients and satisfied customers are what creates the competitive advantage.

So to Mr. Faria, thank you for placing your service agreements online.

You can find the Northeast Settlement Group service agreements and some pretty frank talk about the debt settlement industry, here.

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