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Tipster Says, “Look at American Debt Buster University”

I get a lot of tips sent to me that ask me to take a look at a number of issues in the debt relief world. Most come through the confidential tip form on the site.

This tip asked me to take a look at something called the “American Debt Buster University.”

The university is located here and claims to host a number of self-help resources, none of which appear to have working links as of this visit. – Source

So that’s not really news worth reporting and I was just about to move on when on my way out of the site I noticed a very interesting link. Way down at the bottom of the site are a bunch of badges.

When you click on the one for TMA it is linked to a listing that belongs to Ralph S. Lewis at Able Debt Settlement. – Source. But what struck me is that the American Debt Buster site does not list an affiliation with Able Debt Settlement in their about us page. That page makes the site sound as if it is independent from any other site.

Some years ago when my partner and I [Who are you?] first became aware of debt settlement as an alternative to bankruptcy and a way to become debt free, the landscape for these services looked bleak.

As our economy worsened, the landscape became even more treacherous for people as demand for debt settlement services and bankruptcy alternatives have increased.

If you’ve heard the radio and TV ads for debt settlement companies you know what I’m talking about, you can easily mistake them for used car commercials.

We knew there was room for a different kind of company and a better way of doing things, so we set out to redefine the industry educating our customers and offering a variety of solutions.

Our belief is that if we educate you on the subject of debt settlement as a way of solving your debt problems and you recognize it as the best solution for your unique situation, you will reward us with your business.

American Debt Buster, LLC is not a “One Size Fits All” shop. Understanding that each financial struggle should be met with a unique solution, we offer a variety of strategies with the intention of identifying the most efficient and prudent means to attain debt-freedom for each of our clients.

During the ethics symposium at the recent national convention for USOBA, the featured guest speaker is among the ranks of our debt settlement providers.

We boldly hold ourselves above the rest knowing that we offer the only FREE education based program in the industry. The alternative is being sold a bill of goods that may not be right for you.

In the Marine Corps we had a saying, “It’s hard to be humble when you know you’re the best”. Well, it’s the same thing here, but don’t take my word for it. Go to any of our FREE debt settlement schools that we have created and find out for yourself. – Source

Another badge, the BBB one, links to a report for Whitestar Financial in Florida with an F rating. – Source

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Another badge links to the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators that does not have a member named American Debt Buster.

The remainder of the badges do not link to any specific company listing.

What’s interesting is the site says it is American Debt Buster, LLC and located at 3751 Far West Blvd. #50, Austin, TX 78731 but according to the State of Texas there is no company registered under American Debt Buster. The address is actually a mail drop at a Postnet store. I called and confirmed American Debt Buster mail was received there.

A Corey Young is listed online as a co-founder of American Debt Buster, LLC. – Source. Maybe it is a coincidence but a Corey Young was listed as an agent for Whitestar Financial in this article.

It is a perplexing conundrum. I’ve emailed Robert Lewis and let him know about this article and asked him to comment on it. Maybe he can shed some additional like who the Marine[s] are.


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