A Glance Way Back Into My Past

Ever spent a night at your parents house thinking everything looked like it had been frozen in time long ago? I recently did. Of course it wasn’t as memorable as the night I slept in the guest room, rolled over to turn on the light and stuck my finger through the dry rotted fabric lampshade. Oops.

I was at my parents’ house staying the night before picking them up to head out on a little family cruise to New England. As I walked down the hall I spotted something long forgotten about, my very first published article. And it was hanging right there.

Literally decades ago when I was the photo editor of my college paper I was sent on an assignment to cover a tornado that had angrily struck Shreveport, Louisiana. It turns out I was one of the few reporters that had made it in past the police lines so early afterwards and so when I returned with the dramatic photos I was also asked to write a story on what I saw.

Even though it was modern 1978, things like computers and word processors were still waiting to be invested and rolled out to the masses. Nervously trying to do a good job on the article I hammered it out on a manual typewriter on paper that looked faded and felt a bit like the construction paper kids use in school, or at least did back then. Do they even still sell construction paper? I swore then I should have taken typing in high school. I still mutter that same regret today.

A quick stint in the dark room manually processing the rolls of film and developing some prints provided some nice shots for the article and the paper decided to run a full page spread.

Back in those days the final pages for the paper would be manually laid out, transferred to a metal plate and the plates would be put on the press to print the paper. None of our modern computer tools back then.

I managed to save the layout page from the process and that’s what you see below.

So there it is. Even though It started to fade long ago, seeing it recently, hanging with pride there in my parents’ house brought back a moment of nostalgia that just seems to make me feel really, really old today.


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