Debt Relief Industry Out of Business

Consumer Recovery Network Taking on Abandoned Debt Settlement Clients for Significantly Reduced Rate

I just spoke to Michael Bovee from Consumer Recovery Network (CRN). Michael is concerned that consumers may be abandoned by debt settlement companies that will go out of business. I was told that one debt settlement trade association recently commented they’ve lost 35% of their members so far and the October 27, 2010 implementation date for the new FTC telemarketing sales rules isn’t even here yet.

In order to assist those consumers that are ready, willing and able to settle their debt, CRN is offering a 10% of savings rate for consumers they can assist.

You can listen to my interview with Michael below.

Michael Bovee-Interview

By the way, Michael will be attending the upcoming Rally in Raleigh for debt relief service providers. If you’d like to meet him, register here.

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