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Debt Settlement Sales Folks Flocking Into NAA

An email from a respected debt settlement insider tells me this morning that a number of debt settlement salespeople are “flocking” to move on to sell financial services and products through NAA (National Agents Alliance). One company even said they’ve lost 25% of their sales staff to NAA.

Now, putting aside the issue of jumping into a market of more regulation and licensing, I’m wondering if this is going to be a great strategy for financial service salespeople? What do you think?

NAA describes themselves by saying:

NAA is one of the largest associations of agents and agencies of its kind. With representatives in all 50 states our annual financial services sales are over $100 million. This fast growth has been sustained through high customer satisfaction, innovative lead programs, referrals, and the most lucrative agent compensation program in the industry. Our secret is: we serve our clients. – Source

While the company sells financial products, the entire website just reads like the next great business opportunity.

I know, hard to believe that you could run five to seven 45-minute appointments a week booked from our leads, close the sale on 95% of them, turn the applications in and get commissioned on the full advance by the next week. Our agents do that all the time. – Source

National Agents Alliance is the place to make the kind of money you always dreamed of making. Not only will you be rewarded for your efforts by seeing your bank account grow every week, you will also be recognized by your peers through National Agents Alliance’s exclusive Income Ring Club Program. Your accomplishments will be celebrated by the thousands of National Agents Alliance agents nationwide because you made the quality decision to earn the coveted income ring. – Source

If anyone has any direct experience with this company or has an opinion if this is going to be the next golden goose for debt settlement salespeople, please post a comment below.

In looking around to learn more about this company it seems one issue is the quality of leads agents buy from the company and the inability to stop having their accounts debited for those leads once they stop selling insurance for NAA.

For more information on NAA you can visit this site at

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According to the BBB, National Agents Alliance is also known as Mortgage Protection Center, Superior Performers, Family Protection Center, Marriage Benefits Center, NAA LIfe, and NAA Insurance Agency. – Source

They current have a C- rating with the BBB.

Just as an interesting aside, in my research I was not able to find any corporate registration for National Agents Alliance but there is one for NAA Life Insurance Agency, Inc that was registered in August of 2008. – Source

In trying to find a corporate document that coincided with the 2002 founding of the company the nearest thing I could find was a registration of a company by president Andy S. Albright in 2000 for something called Albright Marketing, Inc., Superior Performers, Inc. in 2003 and Pro Data Research, LLC in 2004. Pro Data Research supplies information about “fresh and complete mortgage data records.” – Source

It turns out that the real name of National Agents Alliance in North Carolina where it is headquartered is actually Superior Performers, Inc. The company was originally founded on July 16, 2002 in Virginia and the president was Philip Hudgins. – Source. It is kind of interesting that Philip Hudgins and Andy Albright bounced around between being president and vice-president of the company in different years. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009.

In 2007 the president is listed as Philip D. Hudgins but the annual filing is signed by Andy Albright as President & CEO.

The image below from a NAA agent application shows pictures of Andy Albright and Philip Hudgins. – Source

The page also lists the names of three companies lower on the page.

  • PDR was founded by Albright, Hudgins, and Clarkson – Source
  • KIT Marketing was founded by Albright, Hudgins, and Clarkson – Source
  • AMP is Alliance Media Productions and while I can’t corporate information for the company the domain is owned by Superior Performers, Inc.
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Websites related to NAA are:

I’m looking forward to feedback and comments about NAA and how former debt settlement salespeople succeed with this business opportunity.


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