Deposition of Thomas Roland Lands on My Debt From Johnson Law Group Case

Information on the Johnson Law Group mess between Johnson Law Group Nevada and Johnson Law Group in Florida, just keeps arriving in my inbox. This time it is a copy of the deposition of Thomas Roland of Enhanced Servicing Solutions (ESS) and his role in a company called CBDC.

Here is what Roland had to say about the ongoing battle between the two groups.

  • Thomas Roland is the president of ESS but has no idea who the owner is. He says it is owned by a board of trustees. When asked who those people are, he says, “I have no idea who the entire board members are based of.”
  • Roland says he has no affiliation, ownership or role with CBDC (Consumer Business Debt Counseling).
  • ESS provides backend support for debt settlement companies.
  • Roland says he has no idea what CBDC does and CBDC is not in the same line of business as his company ESS.
  • CBDC is a non-profit debt management company. Isaac Bobbe is on the board of directors for CBDC and also on the board of ESS.
  • Roland says that in his company of ESS he reports to himself but is also responsible to a board of trustees who he does not know who they are.
  • He says he has been affiliated with Johnson Law Group in Nevada. He says, “Mark Eldredge, who I believe was the principal attorney for the Johnson Law Group of Nevada, contacted me and was interested in alleviating his client because of Johnson Law Group Nevada and wanted to ask if we would provide services to those clients.” He goes on to say, “There really was no negotiations. He asked if he could hand the clients over, and I told him that I would introduce him to the Johnson Law Group in Orlando that we were working with, and they made some kind of arrangement. And as of I think June or maybe end of June, we started receiving their client files, and now we’re working on client files.”
  • In the office space of ESS, Roland rents out space to Johnson Law Group and CBDC.
  • Really interesting. In the deposition of Clint Johnson he says Johnson Law Group is NOT a law firm, yet Roland says, “Like I said, we’re hired by a law firm to do one thing, and that’s answer phone calls and negotiate with creditors.” No wonder consumers are confused, everyone is.
  • Roland has no idea how many clients ESS is handing for the Johnson Law Firm.
  • Roland says ESS gets paid a monthly fee of $29 for each debt settlement case.
  • It is reveled that Issac Bobbe and Ray Roberts run CBDC.
  • Debt settlement marketers were paid $1,500 per client over 18 months.
  • Roland says that Johnson Law Group Nevada had problems with ACS, the company that was service the clients. The attorney, Mark Eldredge told Roland the reason he wanted to send all the clients elsewhere, “He basically told me that he had a lot of problems with KK doing, you know, illegal information with his books, hiring his own accountants, stealing creditor money, stealing the clients’ trust money, spending millions of dollars of law firm money that was not Mr. KK’s money. And he was worried at the rate the things were going, the company would go out of business and clients would be left with nothing.”
  • Thomas Roland met Clint Johnson through Vinny Esson.
  • Roland says his debt settlement business has come to a halt, “The FTC came out with a law that actually goes into effect October 27th prohibiting any marketers, network affiliates to not charge up-front fees to credit counseling or debt management clients. That’s the end of it. My area has come to a halt.”
  • The full-time attorney for ESS is Nisat Azam, Esq. She also has a firm, The Azam Law Firm, that provides debt settlement services.
  • Roland says he provided backend support for Hess Kennedy. – Source

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