Loan Modification Help Hotline – Debt Relief Television Commercial

  • Commercial Name: Loan Modification Help Hotline
  • Record Date: Retro TV
  • Network/Channel: 11-8-2010
  • Description: Commercial is for mortgage modification help. 1-800-943-1416. Claims to be able to cut your mortgage payment in half and reduce interest to 1%. Picture of people at end makes it look as if it is a law firm but the small print says “Loan Modification Help Hotline is not a law firm, mortgage modification or loss mitigation company. We are a third party referral source that connects homeowners with trained loan modification specialists.” So even though the commercial is for the Loan Modification Help Hotline they say they do not provide mortgage modification.


The debt relief commercial above is presented only as an example and archive of debt relief marketing and NOT AS AN ENDORSEMENT by this site. The commercial is archived for research purposes only.

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