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Morgan Drexen Loses Bronze Accreditation From DSCP

A tipster (send in your tips here) brought the following item to my attention from the Debt Settlement Consumer Protection site.

Morgan Drexen’s Accreditations have been revoked

When we originally reviewed Morgan Drexen on Debt Settlement Consumer Protection, we gave them a bronze accreditation (lowest DSCP accreditation). Because of public outcry we have removed any accreditation from Morgan Drexen. Their customer service was horrible and have been in many lawsuits for their fraudulent activities. Through these actions Morgan Drexen, a “debt settlement law firm for the people” will no longer be credited. We soon realized that people should avoid the legal model because lawyers do not need sales people that become the mediator between the two. Any time a settlement happens, the negotiator should speak directly with the client. Morgan Drexen did not do this and we have promptly removed their bronze accreditation. – Source

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