Do You Have 12 Minutes of Your Life to Waste? Watch MLM Marketing Pitch by 1st Choice Family Solutions.

A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in this video and said:

Settlement, loan mod and credit repair all in one pyramid scheme.

I’ll let you watch the video below and make your own decision on the statement the tipster (send in your tips here) made. But 1st Choice Family Solutions says in their video they have an excellent BBB rating but the BBB says they have no rating. – Source. What makes it stranger is the company says they are located in Texas but the BBB lists them in Hawaii.

For those in the know about debt relief regulations, I think when you watch the section on credit repair you will see it potentially wanders way into trouble.

There is certainly a lot of room in America for people to have an opportunity to start their own business doing anything they want. My concern with this “business opportunity” is it paints an incorrect picture of the income available without focusing on the many legal pitfalls and issues surrounding the sale of debt relief services. I’m afraid someone will wander into this “opportunity” without being aware of the intense scrutiny they will face and the massive fines and legal penalties they may incur when they break the law offering some of the services as explained.


And yes, you too can become rich.

1st Choice Family offers a wide array of services from…
Mortgage Modifications
Foreclosure Prevention
Debt Settlement
Credit Repair
Debt Reduction Solutions
Online Shopping Solutions
Annuities and more!


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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18 thoughts on “Do You Have 12 Minutes of Your Life to Waste? Watch MLM Marketing Pitch by 1st Choice Family Solutions.”

  1. I think Observer raised a number of excellent points so I’m not going to cover the same ground again and look forward to your answers to those questions.

    But I thought it would be valuable to discuss some of the risks associated with debt validation as an example.

    Just recently, on 9-24-2010, the defendants in a debt validation suit filed by Capital One and Carefree Debt, CDI, Federal Debt Relief, Credit Collection Defense Network, Elizabeth Salazar, and Suzan Azeredo lost a judgment by Capital One for their debt validation debt relief approach and now owe $3,870,632.64.

    Capital One alleged in the original complaint that the defendants’ used internet and other advertising to attract consumers with debt problems to participate in a debt validation program intended to reduce their debt.

    Despite the defendants’ claims they could reduce or eliminate consumer debt, some customers still were forced to file bankruptcy to remedy their debt situation.

    Now I’m not saying a massive judgment like that will happen in your situation but for those of us experienced in consumer debt issues, we know enough to stay as far away as possible from even suggesting debt validation is a viable solution to problem consumer debt. There have been enough recent cases such as Hess Kennedy and The Credit Card Solution, that pushing debt validation as a way to eliminate debt is clearly problem territory. By the way, both CCDN and Hess Kennedy were attorney based systems that were shut down. Laura Hess was disbarred and CCDN’s Robert Locke, Esq action to be disbarred is moving ahead. See this story.

    The most important issue is that the FTC views every member of the debt relief service from lead generator, agent, agent’s company to debt relief company, as part of the guilty chain if any member in that chain is found to have broken the law. I worry your naive agents attracted by a business opportunity will become victims in tough regulator actions coming.

    Fines for individual citations of breaking the telemarketing sales rules for debt relief services are $16,000 per occurrence.

    Promoters of debt relief services, including your agents and representatives may need to be state licensed and bonded and even in some states hold a telemarketing license to be able to sell debt relief services legally.

    So, just as an example, what states are you and your agents licensed and bonded in to promote debt relief services and if you are claiming you are exempt, what is the exemption in the individual state you are claiming? Almost every state has different rules.

    What is your Florida telemarketing license number? Not having a telemarketing license can lead to a lot of trouble as well. See this story were unlicensed telemarketers were each charged with a felony.

    Selling and promoting debt relief services is a serious business with many lethal problem areas. I just worry that you are promoting a business opportunity to others without being knowledgeable about what the true risks and liabilities are. Merely depending on what others that want you to sell their services have assured you.

    Just as an FYI, regulators are on the lookout for “forensic audit” companies since so many of them have turned out to be a scam. See “Forensic Loan Audits and Foreclosure Rescue Companies are a Scam Says California Attorney General.”

    If you have not done so already I urge you to watch the following two videos in full to learn what regulators are watching for and what lands people in hot water.

    I would suggest you watch “Video of Session on the Telemarketing Sales Rule With Allison Brown, FTC” and “Video of Session on How to Deal With State Regulators With Lynne Weaver, Assistant Attorney General, NC.”



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