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SecureDebtUSA Offers $240,000/YR+ for Debt Settlement Sales Manager

I think this story qualifies for a quick WTF. A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the employment listings for me to look at for a company called SecureDebtUSA. The reason for the WTF comment is I took a look at the SecureDebtUSA site where they claim “We were one of the pioneers in the business however debt settlement has been going on for many years.” You would think as a pioneer in the debt settlement business they could at least have found time to replace the link placeholders in their site template with real information.

The website is owned by:

Jim Cron
[email protected]
PO Box 880581
San Diego, California 92163

The domain was first registered on January 16, 2010. So much for the statement “The company was founded and has been established since 1997.” I guess they were too busy to register their domain name till 2010.

I did get a chuckle out of “SecureDebtUSA is a leader in education. Our motto is, “Education Comes First”.” That’s funny because the site that Jim’s email address goes to has the same motto.

The SecureDebtUSA site does not list where they are located but the telephone number on the contact page indicates California. A search for this company in California uncovered that this company that says they have been in business since 1997, only registered as a company in California just a little over two months ago.

“The company was founded and has been established since 1997.”

So now back to the original tip, the company is recruiting sales managers at $240,000 and debt settlement enrollment officers (salespeople) at $120,000. You can read the ads below. I’ve highlighted my favorite parts.

SecureDebtUSA says “We are associated with an attorney based firm with over 500 Attorneys nationwide and growing.” and they are selling debt settlement services. The advertisement says “All have you have to do is get your Sales Agents to get ink on paper and DESK the deals.” so hopefully there are no advance fees involved in this program. If there are, the FTC will be very interested in them.

Their site says: “You must have an open mind and allow us to educate you on various options that are available to you. Speak to one of our Debt Settlement Enrollment Officers and allow them to educate you about the options that are available so you can make an informed decision.” but the employment advertisement for the “Debt Settlement Enrollment Officer” position says something very different. It says:

  • This is serious business and making serious money.
  • Important that you bring your sales and closing experience to the table
  • You always will work for the good of the company
  • Sales contests and promotions!
  • Develop new sales pipeline and close business to achieve sales goals.
  • Must have a “hunter” sales mentality
  • Experience using a consultative/relationship sales approach vs. a transactional method.
  • All have you have to do is get ink on paper and DESK the deals. We use the liner closer system with our sales people. One call closes preferred!

I just don’t believe the salespeople the company is attempting to recruit will be gently focused on educating consumers in order to help them make an informed decision, do you?


You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.

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Employment Advertisement


Date: 2010-11-22, 2:27PM EST
Reply to: [email protected]

DEBT SETTLEMENT SALES MANAGERS – Nationwide – Were hiring Sales Managers to handle nationwide sales. This is a Debt Settlement Company! A very lucrative industry…

If Oct. 27th ruling has affected you or your company apply. We are ready set to go!

We are expanding! “Those of you who are serious about your career will read through this ad”

A strong leader will make a six figure income $240,000 +

This is a recession proof business!

You must have 2+ years experience in this field as a Sales Manager

If you feel you over qualified please apply!

A degree is highly preferred unless you have that natural talent.

Will commit to work 40 hours or more!

We will tell you all about us when we learn more about you.

This is serious business and making serious money. This is not a game or hype. This is reality. Don’t let this opportunity pass you up!!!

This opportunity comes along very seldom! If you have what it takes than apply…

Financial back round experience helpful. You may have one of these or more. Banking, Mortgage lending, Consumer Lending, Real Estate Agent, Financial Consultant, Financial Planner, Attorney, Business Advisor, Collections, Debt Consulting, Credit Advisor, or anything that has to do with consumer debt, or again unless you just have that natural talent that you can sell anything as long as you believe in what you are selling.

Must work independently without supervision

Extremely motivated and the desire to be successful is a must having incredible follow up skills will determine your financial success.

Important that you bring your sales and closing experience to the table and share with others your success in your sales success system. You always will work for the good of the company and not just as an individual.

Out of the Sales Managers hired some of you will be promoted to be Area Managers. (More money) Your leadership skills, time management, motivation, organization skills, production, performance through your team, your ideas, think outside the box, knowledge and know how you bring to the company, team effort, Passion! Desire to be number 1, will be part of the decision on your next promotion.

“Who is it going to be?”

Through use of market leads, qualify all the prospective business opportunities, while aggressively prospecting for new sales business.

Ensure sales contests and promotions are executed consistently and profitably.

Responsible for the hiring, development, and training.

Create and cultivate a team environment where sales people are focused on Outstanding performance.

Develop new sales pipeline and close business to achieve sales goals.

Must have a “hunter” sales mentality with demonstrated successful experience in establishing new accounts through leveraging referrals and leads from various sources.

Experience using a consultative/relationship sales approach vs. a transactional method.

Experience utilizing CRM software solution to manage and communicate sales activity.

Be comfortable early on working in an entrepreneurial environment with minimal support systems for the sales and marketing department. Able to roll-up the sleeves and multi-task based on company priorities.

This is a virtual position. You will eventually build a successful sales team that you will manage and meet monthly goals. You will train and hold weekly-daily meetings with your team. You will also be spending a lot of time recruiting and interviewing potential team players.

All have you have to do is get your Sales Agents to get ink on paper and DESK the deals. We use the liner closer system with our sales people. One call closes preferred!

Do not apply unless you have these qualifications. Don’t waste our time and we won’t waste yours.

If you don’t qualify and would like to join our sales staff we will consider bringing you on. Promotions are always available. All depends on you! We never say never!

We wish you all the best in your efforts in pursuing your employ with this company.

We are also seeking a Sales Manager that is bilingual

Bonus and Residual Compensation Plan

Email Resume’s to: [email protected]Source

Sales ad can be seen here.

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  • Who is Steve Rhodes? On one of his videos he talks about getting out of debt but doesn’t offer solutions or suggestions. He is a critic and makes assumptions on what he thinks he knows on the subject.  Also in his video he poses as a woman. Is he a cross dresser? Is he a transsexual? Is he a transvestite? This would be a concern of anyone who is listening to this guy. He talks about bankruptcy and waffles about the stigma of bankruptcy if it is a solution or not. But he goes on and on and on but no solutions or advice other than talk about how did people got in their situation or how did they get there? What does he know about bankruptcy or a quick fix, etc. Is he really educated in any of these areas. Does he know the options and how it works. He only talks around the issue but nothing is there for anyone to learn from. Very boring! Steve take some advice and talk about a subject that you truly really know about. Don’t be a critic on something when you don’t know the whole story or what is behind it. Don’t twist words into something that may not be necessarily what you think it is.  You go around and interview other people like is if you work in some big news network or if your of some importance. Your a want-to-be. You said you went through it yourself. Did you pay back your creditors 100% or did you stiff your creditors?  What are your real credentials on any of these subjects.  I think they watch your videos for entertainment.Get a real job!

    • Hi there Johnny-Pot-Shot,

      You dont come here often do you?

      Steve provides a ton of direct solution answers and direction throughout the site since its inception. The very real people he helps are grateful and often come back and thank him publicly on this site.

      People struggling financially and looking for answers get a great deal of value from They get that for free.

      My observation is that people taking shots at Steve are those that have something to sell to the already cash strapped individual.

      So, Johnny-crap-in-the-pot, what do you do for consumers? Whats it cost?

  • are you talking about before October 27th or after? You also need to get a life! There are some do good companies out there…you’re just making your readers paranoid so they won’t know who to choose! Get a friggin’ life…why don’t you blow your whistle down on wall street where the real terrorist are!

  • These companies will continue to experience high turn over, but unfortunately, a new sucker is born every minute. There will always be more applicants than positions – even at these crummy jobs.

    I saw countless people come and go at my old debt-relief companies. My boss would make empty promises to the new workers about cash galore. I learned you can never underestimate the pain/dedication someone is willing to go through to try and make a living. Lots of guys (as it was mainly men at the offices) went months without earning a penny; I did the same in the beginning. I didn’t leave out of pride – and thinking I was actually going to help people. After some years, I finally woke up.

    Unfortunately a lot of people are getting hurt by these companies; it’s not just the clients, but the employees, too. We were lied to on an almost daily basis about what was happening, what we could expect, and how things were going to turn out.

    I would go so far as to say that even my boss wasn’t a bad guy. He was fed bad information. The owner of the company? Now THAT is definitely a bad guy.

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