Mortgage Modification Letter Gives the Telephone Number of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution?

The strangest tip just came in from someone that was helping a consumer with their mortgage problem. The tipster (send in your tips here) said:

I got a call from a client. He’s the seller of a short sale we’re about to close on this month. His message, “I finally got my loan mod, it just came in the mail and it looks good, can I back out of the sale?”

Fact is, he’s not even in review, collects only $185/week in unemployment, and has fallen off of two modifications in as many years. It was too good to be true so I asked him to fax me a copy, I’ve attached the deceptive letter he received.

Intrigued, I called. These guys are a complete fraud trying to sell a loan mod for $1950 entirely upfront or “you can spend a little bit more for a forensic audit, but we THROW IN THE LOAN MOD FOR FREE”

Here is the letter the consumer received. – Source

So here is the very odd part. Since the mailer did not list the name of the company that sent it I researched the telephone number on the letter of 1-877-372-0795 it came up on a site labeled as Legal Helpers Debt Resolution.

Now I find it hard to believe that Legal Helpers Debt Resolution would send out such a mailer that appears misleading. If the law firm didn’t do it then it might have been sent by an affiliate or someone else. Bottom line, someone is advertising the wrong telephone number.

In fact the larger problem and Achilles heel of Legal Helpers is not the company but the actions of the many affiliates or representatives that put forward to the world they are Legal Helpers, as appears in this case.

The domain name associated with the Legal Helpers site shown above is globalreferralservices.com and that domain says it is owned by:

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Justin Ramsey
Global Referral Services LLC
700 W Hillsborough Blvd Bldg 3
Suite 207
Deerfield Beach, Florida 33441

Corporate records show this company was registered under the managers Jennifer Ramsey and Kim Gendason. – Source

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And guess what? That’s the same address that the site gives but the site actually lists it as:

Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC
700 W. Hillsborough Blvd., Bldg 3, Suite 207
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 – Source

So I go and look up Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC in Florida and the official records say that it is under the control of Jason Searns, Thomas Macey, and Jeffrey Aleman. – Source. But is it really Global Referral Services and are they sending out a mortgage modification letter?

So which is it? Is the person sending out the mailer that leads to Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC really Legal Helpers out of Chicago or an affiliate putting up a Legal Helpers website and advertising the wrong phone number? How would a consumer know what the truth is? What is the truth?

To deepen the mystery I called 877-372-0795 and was connected to a Premier Consulting Group that said that Global Referral Services did his payment processing for him.

If anyone knows what is going on here, please add a comment below and help solve the mystery.

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