Let’s See if We Can Figure Out the Players in This Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Marketing Pitch

I just published a story about Legal Helpers Debt Resolution being hit with a class action suit in Washington.

And then in my inbox lands an email with the Legal Helpers Debt Resolution marketing pitch. I’ve covered something like this before and I’d pass writing about it again but in light of the new class action suit I decided to take a look at the participants in the agreement to see if I can make sense of the who the players are.

The email that went out was the one below and it contained a number of attachments and a link to LegalHelpers-DR.com.

The attachments are shown below and you can click on any image for a larger view.

Let’s See if We Can Figure This All Out

  • Legal Helpers Debt Resolution says it is the is the law firm of Macey, Aleman, Hyslip & Searns.
  • An apparent employee of the law firm LHDR, Jordan Abele sends out an email to attract marketers.
  • The marketing agreement is actually not with the law firm. It is with a company called Legal Services Support Group, LLC. – Source
  • Legal Service Support Group, LLC is a Nevada corporation that is owned by three companies: Lynch Financial Solutions, JEM Group, and Century Mitigations. – Source
    • Lynch Financial Solutions is a Florida corporation owned by Thomas Lynch, Jr and the officers are Maryana Gomez and Dale Weikel. – Source
    • JEM Group is owned by Joanne Garneau and Arthur Garneau. JEM Group was just named in the class action suit against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution.
      • The Garneau’s also own Nationwide Support Services, Inc. – Source
    • Century Mitigations, LP is owned by Consumer Finance Alternatives, Inc. – Source
      • Consumer Finance Alternatives is owned by Dave Leuthold and Amy Michalo is the treasurer. – Source
        • Amy Michalo is the president of Century Negotiations, Inc. – Source
  • The attached spreadsheets refer to TFG receiving money as part of the added on up-sell financial coaching program. I believe TFG refers to Financial Strength Builders, see this article, which is really owned by Joanne Garneau and Arthur Garneau. – Source

The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC)

At the time this marketing email was sent out Joanne Garneau was listed as being on the executive board of TASC. – Source

Dave Leuthold was the former executive director of TASC.

In August of 2010 TASC came out with a public statement they supported the up-front fee ban and embraced the performance model. – Source

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The Legal Helpers model is not the performance model and charges advanced fees as evidenced by their spreadsheets shown above.

So it appears that at the same time TASC was saying they were not in favor of advanced fee debt settlement, executive member(s) of TASC were actually engaged in working with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution to market and support advanced fee services.

Nationwide Support Services and Century Negotiations are still listed as accrediated TASC members. – Source

Before My Brain Explodes

Unless I’m reading the marketing documents and attachments wrong it certainly appears that LHDR, a law firm, is directing affiliates and marketers to work with an enterprise that is not a law firm and benefits Joanne Garneau and Arthur Garneau since their involved enterprises of LSSG and TFG seem to make a good chunk of the money paid by the consumer in advanced fees. as shown in:

Layers and layers.

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