Tipster Wants to Know, are Credit Arbitrators and Credit Answers the Same Outfit?

A tipster (send in your tips here) want to know if Credit Arbitrators was the same company as Credit Answers. I took a look at the two websites and discovered they have the same picture of the same office building they work in.

I’ll let you comment and judge.

Click image for a larger view.

Certainly an interesting coincidence. And the fact they list the exact same suite makes it even more intriguing.


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16 thoughts on “Tipster Wants to Know, are Credit Arbitrators and Credit Answers the Same Outfit?”

  1. I have been working with this company for about 9 months and they have settled two of my four cards. It’s not for everyone because you need to have a certain amount of debt for them to even consider enrolling in the program.
    Just because you get a mailer doesn’t mean you have to enroll.  I get a lot of mail from UNiversities it doesn’t mean I have to enroll in them either.  They have settled my debt for almost half of the original debt. I’m not sure why they got a bad rating except that maybe there was some misconceptions.


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