Florida Not Happy With Horizon Financial and Mader Law Group

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According to the Sun Sentinel out of Florida, the Florida AG is investigating a Florida debt relief company, Horizon Financial. According to state allegations the company was engaged in making solicitation calls that mislead and deceived consumers into thinking they were dealing with a U.S. Treasure Department foreclosure assistance program, when they were not.

Horizon Financial CEO Sean Batcheler offered this clarifying statement.

Horizon CEO Sean Batcheler said the Attorney General has asked to meet with company officials about how they were servicing clients but did not give any more details. Batcheler said Horizon never made spoofing calls under the fund’s name or number, and has not done mortgage loan modification work for more than a year.

“We are strictly debt settlement now. And there are quite a few unscrupulous people in that business,” he said. – Source

Apparently the Florida AG’s office is also looking to issues surrounding alleged advanced or upfront fees being charged for foreclosure services. The Mader Law Group. Tampa attorney Eric Mader is also the manager of American Financial Law Group.


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10 thoughts on “Florida Not Happy With Horizon Financial and Mader Law Group”

  1. Mader & Associates also scammed me for money, did nothing but collect paperwork and tell me loan modification and short sale process was advancing.  Eventually, I called my bank and they nothing, had heard nothing from Mader & Associates.  Foreclosure is set for Dec 2012.  Scam legal firm, stay away from Mader & Associates.  I plan to file a complaint with Florida State Attorney’s office.

  2. I tried getting in touch with scott kozy…no response..I am frantic because I too paid $3,000
    and it has been 6 mos…last time I received a update was 6/18/2012

    I am now having to file bankruptcy…shameless..

    R. Orozco


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