“Gullible Americans” Targeted by Canadian Call Center for Debt Settlement Services

Not too long ago I wrote about two companies, EMA Nationwide and New Life Financial Solutions. It appeared that the call center for these companies was actually located in Montreal, Canada.

New Life Solutions was recruiting new sales representatives to sell consumers a service that would charge them thousands of dollars to evaluate their financial situation and then refer them to a third party. In the case of the contract I reviewed the consumer was being charged $5,628.

In that previous story I wrote about how New Life Financial Solutions was advertising for employment in Montreal. – Source

Well it turns out that one of the recent job applicants contacted me and sent me some interesting information.

The tipster (send in your tips here) had seen this advertisement.

Business Rep (Montreal)

Located in Old Montreal, we are looking to find representatives who want to make a difference in people’s lives by settling their debts.

Salary will be based on performance and Senior earning potential up to $100,000. ( Will be discussed in interview)

We have high expectations but with reasonable goals. Please only send resume if you have sales experience and are willing to work hard!

MUST SEND RESUME TO: jobs@newlifeconsultants.net
855-756-2444 x 1010 for questions – Source

Here is what this important tipster (send in your tips here) said.

I found a place that wanted to interview me and so I went to it. The place is E.M.A. (Expense Management America). I was told all about how what I would be doing is helping people settle their debts, and how I can make a great amount of money doing it.

I left the interview with them saying they will call me back and I was “high on life” at this point. So excited to be making (between $2k and $10k a month, AT LEAST) as they said (of course, hard work is a must to attain this….) “The only reason I got a little suspicious is the old saying: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” I did a little digging online and found some bad marks with the BBB.org and WikiScams, 800Notes etc…. a couple good things turned up, but only a couple. That leads me to believe that perhaps some of their employees were posting those.

The reason for all this digging is simple. A) I want to find out if me working for this company will actually make me money and B) I want to find out if, even if it will make me money, it will be achieved by ripping off gullible Americans.

I’ll either be working for them for free until they can me, or… I’ll make great money like they say I will, but I’ll be basically stealing from Americans already in debt, or maybe it’s all totally fine and that’s that. I just don’t know yet. I really hope that if this isn’t real, and they are scamming Americans, that this company can be exposed.

The tipster (send in your tips here) sent along photographs of the information the company provided.

Click image for larger view.
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As you can see the role of the person is as a contractor. I’m not familiar with Canadian employment law but in the U.S. a worker that must report to an office, use office supplied equipment and has their working hours dictated would not be classified as a contractor, but instead an employee.

The work day consists of eight hours and the role of the person is to “Make cold calls from company leads, referrals and call backs.”

The job of the Senior Debt Settlement Specialist is to “close the deal” while making sure managing junior level financial analysts. But seriously, what are the junior level people actually analyzing? This appears to be purely a cold call sales job to sell services that result in “settling their debts.”

Click image for larger view.

The next picture shows the definition of a closed and commissionable deal. And then there is this lovely statement, “If you quit or are terminated then your final commission is forfeit.” Is that really legal to do in Canada?

It seems the “Junior Financial Consultant” is not truly a financial consultant at all since the training consists of memorizing a script and appears to not contain any training on the suitability and appropriateness of debt relief solutions for consumers in trouble. If the goal is to stick to the script with a “perfect rendition” then how would the “financial analyst” exercise any independent thought or analysis?

Click image for larger view.

The bonus plan appears to be dependent on not missing any days of work. It also appears to give the sales person, excuse me, Junior Financial Consultant, some flexibility on how quickly the fee is charged. “To maximize your paycheck amount, you should try to keep the number of months to complete the fee payment as short as possible, therefore increasing the payment amounts your client pays to EMA.”

Income based on straight commissions is 7.5% of money received by EMA after the expense of collecting the funds. Payments are received via ACH, wire transfer, and credit cards.

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Click image for larger view.
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This page tells us the company is selling debt settlement services that have a “standard 35% fall-out ratio for all new deals,” Clearly the focus is not on upfront suitability for Americans that are being sold into these programs. Otherwise how can the fall out percentage be so how?

The commission schedule says the average income per sale is $1,200 over six months. That means the average is closed deals where the fee paid is $7,200.

It certainly does not seem fair that if promoted, the sales commission earned as a Junior Financial Consultant are paid out. Wasn’t that money actually earned? And since EMA “can promote an employee at any time” it seems the employees are constantly at risk of losing their commissions earned.

Bottom Line

The tipster (send in your tips here) in this case was a hero for sending in the information.

While the job was an advertisement for New Life Financial, the employer is really EMA. The services being promoted by New Life Financial are not directly for debt settlement services but instead for financial consultation and referral services. – Source

Hopefully it will give people a better insight that the focus is to close the deal and does not appear to be based on selling Americans the best solution for their debt situation.

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