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We were recently contacted to review a new website which can be used a money-saving tool called is a site where visitors can enter their zip code and view current weekly specials, ads and circulars from a variety of stores in their area. Right now there are over 43,000 zip codes in the U.S.A that can be search and results can be found.

I decided to review this site by capturing a video of my time and experience on the site to show all of you all what I experienced first hand. I used two different zip codes: one for downtown Raleigh, North Carolina since I knew which stores were around first hand and a much larger city, New York City, to see what deals could be found in the Big Apple.

I found the site to be useful with a lot of good information and links but I think it still needs a bit more work on speed, design and keeping up with content. I found that certain ads listed under stores were actually from months ago; specifically the AC Moore store in my area’s ads showed the circular from January 16 – 22. Be sure to check the dates on the ads listed to be on the safe side! Some stores listed were also not the closest stores to the specified zip code so be sure to keep an eye out for that as well.

Also, I did find when entering some specific zip codes that it would be hard pressed to load efficiently. However, if you go to their “Zip Code Finder” part of the site and type in a town, and click the desired link next to the zip code, the page loads much faster.

I don’t think this is a truly comprehensive guide to weekly ads yet but I do see promise in this site and I encourage you to take a look at it for yourself! You can also input your name, zip code and e-mail address to be updated via e-mail of your local weekly deals.

If you have used this site, plan to use this site after this or use a similar site please post a comment in the comment section below!!

The video of my time on the site can be found below. You may want to watch the video in full screen so you can see all that is listed on the site.

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