Mitchell Stein’s Attorney Threatens Me to NOT Release the Documents

Over the past few days I had received some documents from individuals that claimed to work with/for Mitchell Stein in his efforts to pursue mass joinder lawsuits.

Particularly damaging in the documentation was information that could be perceived as an inducement by others that are blogging and promoting Stein in his efforts.

In an effort to verify the documentation I emailed the people identified as the originators of the emails. In fact what I asked was:

I got your faxes on Stein. Some really explosive stuff.

I was hoping you could help put the material into context for me. It clearly does appear that [redacted] is getting a financial benefit from Stein and that [redacted] may be participating but do you have any email that shows some sort of compensation for X?

If this can be proven, the two guys that have been the most vocal advocates for Stein will have some explaining to do.

I need your help to get me over the finish line on this.

In response I instead received this email.

Mr. Rhode:

I am an attorney with Mitchell J. Stein & Associates. It has come to my attention that earlier today you sent an email to [redacted] and [redacted] in response a set of documents that they purportedly faxed to you regarding Mr. Stein and his practice of law.

We wish to inform you that the documents you received by fax were NOT sent to you by [redacted] and [redacted] but, instead, were sent by an unknown computer hacker who had managed to illegally obtain access to one of Mr. Stein’s private email accounts.

We take this matter very seriously. Not only was Mr. Stein’s right to privacy violated by this criminal act, but the documents sent to you were obtained through violation of multiple federal statutes, not to mention California Penal Code § 502 regarding hacking and computer crimes.

Further, they appeared to be forged and/or altered.


We have reported this matter to the FBI. We do not want you to be part of any resulting investigation. You would be smart to destroy all materials you received and never speak of them to anyone.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. My direct line at the law firm is [redacted].

Thank you.

Erikson M. Davis
Attorney at Law
Mitchell J. Stein & Associates

What it appears I did not get was a denial that the information and allegations shown in the documents were not true. Anyone read that differently?

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It appears that the information contained in the emails faxed to me struck a nerve. I think the allegation is that Stein’s email account was hacked and then the documents were forged? That seems like a heck of an effort to simply forge a document but that seems to be the position.

Hopefully Stein’s attorney will keep us posted on this matter and the results of their investigation so I can update you.

As a journalist I’m free to disseminate the material if I believe it to be factual but the bigger story just became the threat. Is there a coverup going on or an attempt to discredit Stein with his own or forged emails?

The mass joinder world is a strange and odd place these days. Apparently not only do consumers need to beware but the lawyers as well.


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95 thoughts on “Mitchell Stein’s Attorney Threatens Me to NOT Release the Documents”

  1. Legal Beast:
    Well, I am just saying that it is not right for you come out pointing fingers, calling names and making allegations, unless you are willing to put your name behind it.  The simple fact is that I know just as many small law firms and attorneys who have small practices, and take people’s money, but are nothing other than glorified modification companies at the end of the day.  I think that is much worse.  The fact is that I probably personally do not care if they make millions of dollars, just as long as everyone is represented.  I do not care about fee sharing.  I do not care.  You care, but I do not, because I do not see that hurting anyone, if that is what they are doing.  As far as I know, I have heard the laws on that are interpreted many different ways, in which you are the same guy who has told Steve that he has nothing to worry about displaying evidence that he stolen property on his site.  Nevertheless, if you think they are fee splitting, and If you think it is wrong………….then do not do it.  Yet, if you are going to be a superhero, while you come out here and save everyone with your superior knowledge, I would suggest leaving your name, instead a card without a name.  Everyone is an attorney at the end of the day J
    This other stuff you talk about is disgruntled competitor crap, in which I am just a client and do not care.  Why do you care if I think they are ethical or not?  I am here to talk about Bank of Defrauding America, why are you not talking about that instead?  Therefore, I could probably care less if Burger King has ethical people making my hamburgers……………and why would I?   You keep talking to me as if I am responsible for it, and I am not only not responsible, but it has the big stamp of “I do not care” on it.  I am not the complaint department here, but if you say something about me, I am going fire back at you.  You threw the first stone, and I simply threw it back at you. 
    By the way, I have heard “they are moving slow and investigating them, but one day they will get them” for a long time now.  “The sky is falling!  The sky is falling!”  Bullshit!  Who shit?  You shit!  It is bullshit.
    Like I said, if you have a complaint……………… the police, because I am just a client.  In short, I probably do not care.  The simple fact is that there should be no comments from the peanut gallery, unless you are willing to put your name behind it.  This is because anyone can come out here and just say they are an attorney.  Look!  I am an attorney too! Lol
    I wish you well in all your endeavors.
    John Wright

  2. I wouldnt show my name when it comes to the real dregs of the legal profession here. The firms that want to go for the “get rich quick” at any cost are welcome to, but I wouldnt connect my name to it for $20,000,000. 

    Good luck to you and all of your lawsuits Mr. Wright. If you somehow still believe that you are involved with ethical people, God bless you.

    As for me, I will go back to my very little practice- Where I actually practice law, without fee splitting, marketing companies, sales affiliates, warring attorneys and firms and hacked databases & emails and threats of theft and fraud-  and ACTUALLY earn my living. But that’s just me.

    Good day & good luck.

    Call me a coward- I’m happy to hide (from this garbage)

  3. Oh great!  I am glad you liked it!  Yah, when I find some more time I will make you one for your site J
    I talked to Stein the other day about my Honda stuff.  I asked him about the Kramer thing.  Apparently, they worked together on something previously, but something about the judge makes him with him since the motion.  I do not think they are friendly by his response though.
    John Wright


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