CouponMom.com Website Review

Two “Fresh Looks” this week?! You lucky readers, you!

Today I’m show you one of my favorite couponing websites: CouponMom.com.

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This is a website headed by Stephanie Nelson also known as, The Coupon Mom. The main page is a simple design. One of the first things you see is where you’re asked to join. I highly recommend joining this site because once joining you’re allowed access to the entire site including the ability to filter deals by state, see drugstore deals and access to the coupon database. This site makes couponing 10 times easier than organizing deals on your own. This is one site I trust and endorse wholeheartedly. Fifteen thumbs up in my book.

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Not once have I been spammed by giving my e-mail address to this site. I know that some people create a separate e-mail address strictly for couponing website sign-ups and deals so that’s always an option should you wish to keep your regular e-mail coupon e-mail free.

CouponMom links to external printable coupons sites such as, Coupons.com and Groupon where you can print coupons and deals.

One of the reasons I love this site is because of the tutorial videos offered. The videos show how to use the site and how to logically apply coupons to deals offered in stores. One of her best turitorials is how to successfully use the Coupon Organizer Database offered on the site.

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Once you join you can then view deals by national stores and by state. You’ll see on this page instructions on how to read the lists, I strongly encourage you to read through this and become acquainted with the different codes used to describe coupons.

Once you choose your preferred store, you can sort the deals by that date a coupon was released, the description of product, the sale price, final price or the percentage saved. Personally, I like to sort by the final prices, least expensive at the top, that way I can look through the descriptions of products and see if there’s anything on my list that I can get cheap.

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Not all stores are listed on this site but there are most of the main stores in an area including national stores like, CVS, WalMart, Target, etc.

Do you have any coupon sites you like to use? Leave a comment for a possible future Fresh Look segment!

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