Be Frugal and Clean. Make Your Own Homemade Laundry Detergent and Save Money

Trent over at The Simple Dollar posted an article about making laundry detergent and enjoying homemade laundry detergent benefits, namely saving money. Let’s bump frugality up a notch today and learn how to save money with homemade laundry soap. Trent said he’s been experimenting with making lots of cleaning supplies at home, but this one … Read more

Don’t You Wish Your Girlfriend Was A Freak – Saver!

There are hundreds of savings accounts on the market now, catering to all sorts of savers. Saving options are becoming more varied and accessible with the introduction of new financial technology companies. These solutions can start small by rounding up purchases to the next dollar and depositing that loose change into a more structured savings … Read more

What’s in Your Go Bag? Are You Prepared for the Next Unexpected Emergency? Start with Small Savings.

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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein Units be advised we are receiving a 911 call of a subject wearing dark clothing, sunglasses, carrying a rifle and entering the mall…the radio is silent, but you know everyone and their mother in en route to that … Read more

18 Tips for Small Business Owners Impacted by Coronavirus

Curfews and shelter-in-place orders, restricting food services to takeout only, and general social distancing have impacted the bottom lines of many small businesses. Although most small businesses can expect highs and lows in demand throughout the year, you can usually plan ahead for those times. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed all of this. The … Read more

Two Simple Things You Can Do to Save Money at the Grocery Store

I received a very nice tip from Robert Custer on how to save money at the grocery store. Thanks for sending this in. It’s great information to refresh ourselves with. If you’ve got a good tip to share, send it in. Robert’s Tip Robert said, “When you buy groceries at the grocery store of your … Read more

Just 38 Percent of Consumers Say They Go the Extra Mile to Save Every Penny They Can on Expenses

Just 38 percent of consumers are savvy savers and say they save every penny possible on expenses, according to a recent survey by American Consumer Credit Counseling. Thirty-seven percent of respondents save if the savings is significant, while almost 25 percent either feel saving isn’t worth the effort or they are not willing to live … Read more

How I Saved $70,000 to Send Two Kids to College

In our Money Mic series, we hand over the podium to people with controversial views about money. These are their views, not ours, but we welcome your responses. Today, one woman shares how she made saving for her kids’ college education her top priority — stashing away thousands years before her daughter and son were even … Read more