Beware of Debt Defense Shield Says Tipster

A tipster (send in your tips here) just sent in the following warning for consumers.

I worked with Debt Defense Shield as one of their attorneys.

I agreed to take one case for them, and I was horrified by their practices. I immediately terminated my contract with them.

They took my client’s money, failed to return his phone calls, took absolutely no steps to settle his debt, and even refused to pay me for my work.

Eventually, after paying thousands of dollars to Debt Defense Shield, the client gave up. Debt Defense Shield also seems to be affiliated with Face Financial, a company that took people’s money and then appears to have dissolved.

They are as fraudulent as any debt settlement company I have ever seen.

Debt Defense Shield claims to be located in a PO Box in Irvine California and has a form on their contact page for their clients to enter their summons information in. I wonder if a lot of their clients get sued?

I reached out to Debt Defense Shield for a response to the comment but by the time of the publication of this article I had not heard back from them.

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