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As promised in the last Moving Forward Radio Show I’ve completed a Fresh Look for

For years I’ve been yearning for a site such as this and now that one exists I can’t resist sharing it with all of you. RecipeMatcher does exactly what I sounds like it does, it matches recipes! But matches recipes to what? To items you already have in your pantry! Oh, think of the possibilities…

With sites like this there’s no longer the long stares into your pantry thinking, “What am I going to make?” … “We have nothing to eat” …. “Might as well eat out tonight.” Using RecipeMatcher you can search recipes by ingredients you already have. In this Fresh Look I take you on a tour of what it’s like after inputing items in your pantry to find a recipe to make. Your search results will take what you input and find relevant recipes. You will also see a percentage by the recipe to show you how much of the recipe you currently have. If you do not have everything the percentage will drop and you will see the items you need. Sometimes you can very easily substitute an item listed or leave out an item (like mushrooms, ick!).

What’s so great about this site is you’re finding meals to make based on what you have, thus, cutting down on your shopping trips when money is tight! You’ll find for some of the items that rank in the high percentage matching up to your pantry you’ll only need to pick up one or two items from the store. This will save you a lot of money at the grocery store rather than buying multiple ingredients you don’t have for a recipe you found.

Obviously your pantry is ever changing. I recommend sitting down once a week and updating what you have to stay in your kitchen to keep your recipe options up to date.

I give this site a thumbs up but still see room for improvement. I think that it needs more members and recipe input before it can be labeled a solid go to source. I’d also love to see a smartphone app for this site be released so you can stay up to date with what you have in the pantry and options for recipes you can make while you’re on the go.

As always, if you use this site or others like this leave me a comment below!

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